Driving Mr. Wonderful

right now rawMy favorite drive up the mountain happened this past week, Wonderful Husband had double hernia surgery as an outpatient, my job was to drive him home. What a drive we had, it was a beautiful stormy day, but the best part was listening to my loopy husband tell me—You are sooooooo beautiful, you are such a goooood driver. The first part of this I have heard before; the second…NEVER! When we finally reached home, I not only felt beautiful, I felt like one awesome driver!

I realized after such an entertaining drive home that I could not leave this crazy man alone. My predicament was that I had not planned a dinner. I settled him into a nice comfy couch and then off to the kitchen I ran to hunt for some food, since running to the store was out of the question. What I came up with so easy and healthy I really wanted to share it with you.

right now raw

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup, seriously, he looooved it! 😉 The good thing about having a raw vegan as a wife there is always plenty of carrots in our home. I also grabbed celery, garlic, onion, vegetable bouillon, vegan chicken bouillon, and a lucky fist full of pasta noodles. So simple, so good!




  • 1 onion chopped
  • 3 stalks celery chopped
  • 8 carrots finely chopped
  • 2 cubes Not-Chic’n bouillon with 4 cups water
  • 3 teaspoons organic better than bouillon vegetable base with 3 cups water
  • 3 cloves of garlic pressed
  • handful of pasta cooked
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • salt & pepper
  • garlic salt
  1. Saute vegetables together in coconut oil until soft and delicious season, with garlic salt, salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Bring both bouillon to boil, add vegetables.
  3. Cook pasta and add to soup.
  4. Let soup simmer for 30 minutes and ENJOY!!!!!

Resourcefully Living ♥Right Now Raw 



Small Town Season

right now rawI have neglected my blog long enough; it is time to post. The problem is TIME, I am so enraptured with this little mountain town that I stay unplugged most of the day. The mountain is so beautiful that it lures me out daily, when I run in the woods I want to go further and further. I can’t drink in enough of the beauty that surrounds me.

right now raw

Recently, when I was down the hill visiting family, a friend asked me if I was bored in my new community. I can’t imagine anyone being bored in nature. To say I love it up here would be an understatement. I feel beyond blessed and I never want to take this for granted!

One thing I am learning from my new local friends is that seasons are celebrated. Everyone is loving the fall, but they also eagerly await winter. The vibe is pretty much to get out and enjoy the season you’re in. I think this a perfect way to live, this pushes me to make healthy choices regardless of my surroundings.

right now raw

I am still raw as ever and my lifestyle has not been a challenge at all. The local Vons seriously has a fantastic organic section. Wonderful Husband is always faithful to bring up my favorite things.

Little Cabin in the Woods is coming along wonderfully. I suck at DIY projects because I always forget to take the before picture.(UGH) I think that is because I am wired to forget the past and press on towards what is happening right now. We did do a little work on our fireplace. The deer head had to go, we pulled out the rock, then we used chalk paint to help get it to where we felt comfortable living with it. This project cost $30.00.(YES, we have blue carpet)

Right now the leaves are falling off the tress around me, and the wind zips around our home,  I am cozy with a warm blanket, raw brownie, hot green tea, and a breathtaking view. Fall is evident, but some seasons are better than others. If you are stuck in a place that is not good, HANG IN THERE, make right choices, let healthy food and exercise be a part of your everyday life. Being healthy makes any season better.

right now raw Hopelessly in Love ♥Right Now Raw




2 Years a Raw Vegan

right now rawI love that my birthday and my raw birthday are so closely entwined. Yes, I am hitting 54 and the exciting news is; I hit 2 years of an entirely raw diet! The energy gained by this lifestyle is off the charts amazing!

I am a believer in baby steps, taking small steps in the right direction is way better than leaping forward, skipping tons of steps, only to recognize you are not in a healthy spot — then going back and starting over. Lifestyle change happens slowly. Making healthy choices throughout your day is how it becomes a reality, it’s about believing in yourself, and loving yourself enough to change. I always seem to rush into something thinking one thing and then realizing it was not what I thought at all.

The view of Providence has once again proved trustworthy,  I was certain I was running in my 50’s to feel awesome in my 60’s, but now I am pretty certain it has something to do with the 30+ steps I meet with everyday. The best training we can do for ourselves is to train for quality of life, this focus will keep us ready for whatever comes our way!

right now raw

Living in the mountains is definitely a dream I never thought possible for us. We have gone backwards more than forwards over the past 7 years. Now, as I am much older and healthier, I cherish the small steps that helped open my eyes to a better life. Seeing the stairway stripped off of our little cabin in the woods was something to rejoice over.

right now raw

Small steps are better than no steps, (no steps are really scary) secure steps are the best, (you can run on them), but most importantly, realize that the steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord. He created our bodies to be healthy, enjoy a better life by choosing healthy food with every meal.

right now raw

Loving the Adventure ♥Right Now Raw


Repurpose Your Life

right now rawI am wonderfully exhausted! My daughter’s beautiful wedding is behind me, but now I sit in a mess, boxes surround me, most of my attention is given to packing and cleaning. Living between two houses that both need a lot of work is overwhelming at times.

Some mornings I wake up and think — I have to organize a mess within a mess. How do you do that? Best advice ever…… don’t pack your juicer! Keeping myself well nourished on raw food has helped me tremendously during this transition to live in the mountains!

right now raw

Little cabin in the woods is starting to come out of the “80s” and it is so much fun to watch the transformation. I love finding old furniture to repurpose. A quick trip to the local landfill was crazy, we saw a large mound of patio furniture. I am need of this type of furniture for our decks, but you are not allowed to remove items. (dang it!) Thankfully, we found some good stuff on Craigslist and at the Salvation Army. I will share the progress I make with these treasures once I have time to refinish them.

The best part of this day was not only finding great furniture, but we ate lunch at Mother’s in Huntington Beach. This vegan wonderland had a full service restaurant and it was delicious. I had a house salad and Wonderful Husband enjoyed jackfruit tacos. I am a mountain girl now, but oh how I wish the mountains had restaurants and stores like the beach cities! I love the vegan friendly vibe!

If you ever feel like your are a mess — living in a mess, hang in there. Repurpose yourself by eating right and pursuing health. You don’t have to wait for more time to transform yourself, you can start right now with your next meal. Your transformation is worth it!

right now rawPurposely Living ♥Right Now Raw

New Chapter

right now rawI am getting ready to enter a whole new chapter in my life. In the past month I have been overwhelmed by the loving kindness of God. During this time I have experienced the incredible delight of being a grandma, our second daughter getting married, and our youngest son finishing the PCT.

These events have touched me deeply. I have the grandma goggles on and I am convinced Little Wolf is the cutest baby on the planet. My sweet Jessie married her soul mate and this union will never cause me grief because she married an honorable man. My youngest son finished the PCT in 113 days! I have learned from him not to live on past adventures, but to get out and experience more.

This new chapter for me has plenty of possibilities for adventure. That alluring seductive voice of the mountains has captivated us once again! We are moving to Big Bear and our permanent residence will be in the mountains. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to own our own home. We have a fixer upper, with a great view, and tons of charm. I will be starting a new category (cabin fever) on this blog to share with you our DIY projects to help get this cabin out of the 80s.

right now raw

With all the changes in my life I have continued on with my entirely raw diet. I am sure living with four seasons and a winter with snow in the mountains might make this lifestyle a little more difficult, but I am determined to continue. The benefits of eating a raw diet far outweigh any inconvenience I will experience from harsh weather conditions.

The thought of winter scares me a little, but I take much comfort from Proverbs 31:21…When it snows, she has no fear for her household; for all of them are clothed in scarlet. I know I can do this! I will make sure I am clothed with tons of bananas.

right now raw

I feel the best is yet to come. I know that new chapters still have their fill of sadness, disappointment, and uncertainty, but adventure awaits, and I am ready to go! Regardless of where you are at in life choosing a healthy lifestyle will make any season more enjoyable.

Loving Life ♥Right Now Raw




Raw Grandma

right now rawThe best bit of advice I grabbed ahold of when I started this blog was to be consistent. I knew that to connect with readers I needed to be consistent. I feel that this summer I have broken my attention to consistently posting 3 days a week— due to the crazy busy turn my life is going in. (sorry)

Although, I have been inconsistent with my posting I have remained steadfastly adherent to my raw lifestyle. If you have wondered where I have been; let me assure you, I have not been stuffing myself with cooked foods. Bananas and fresh juice remain my top food when time is an issue.

The most exciting thing happened on July 22nd, our first grandchild was born, Wolf David Barnes. Tipping the scales at 7 pounds 15 ounces. I can not describe with words how incredibly happy Little Wolf has made our family. The California side of the family longs to hold this cute little guy, but we are so grateful for FaceTime, smart phones, and a caring Arkansas family that keeps us updated with photos.

right now raw

This raw marmee is in awe of how good God is. Whenever I steal away and watch videos of our grandson (over and over) I am reminded of the plans God has for us and the absolute certainty that His loving kindness is everlasting.

If this summer has you a little inconsistent, don’t fret— be consistent on what matters most.Choose health by making right choices with every meal, spend time with the people you love, and celebrate all the good things in your life.

right now raw

Loving Life ♥Right Now Raw



Everyday Exercise

right now rawI focus most of my attention trying to share with people (anyone who will listen) the importance of eating right and making right choices with every meal. This has turned my health around, for this reason alone — I must share. It would be wrong to keep silent, especially when it is so simple.

right now raw

There is that other part of a healthy life that often gets ignored, you know, EXERCISE! If fitness is ignored long enough it could cause poor health. I have watched ignorance destroy plenty of people’s health. That does not have to be you!

Today is a perfect day to say, ” I will exercise everyday!” At 53 I am convinced this is the only way to live. Keep eating healthy, but it is imperative that you exercise daily. I am not suggesting that you have to run marathons, start small and you will find your passion.

right now raw

Taking 30 minutes out of your day to walk, run, climb, ride a bike, hit the gym…really, there are tons of things you can do to get moving. Just get going! I promise you won’t regret it. I am enjoying my P90X3 so much more now that I don’t have a perforated appendix! (note to self: never ignore pain on your right side)

I am already in my golden years — I want to look back over my life and be glad that when I could, I DID! Aim to exercise seven days a week, then if you hit 5 out of the 7 you will be doing great. This post comes with a warning; exercising on a regular basis is addicting due to the fact that it makes you feel awesome at any age!

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