Raw in Winter

right now rawI really did not know what to expect when snow began to invade our beautiful little mountain town. Everything changed so quickly, I was just learning to ride my mountain bike on the trails and loving it. There is something about riding a bike that makes me feel like a kid. It is awesome…you should try it! What an amazing way to exercise.

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Seriously, you can not begrudge the snow up here, not only does it make the mountain a winter wonderland, from what I hear, every snowflake is a dollar and this community thrives because of it. So, being a new mountain woman, I am embracing the snow! I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I have fallen on our steps. (I’m losing count) I keep getting back up and walking more carefully each time.

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My new exercise this winter is snow shoveling. I have not tried skiing yet, I hope I do better on the slopes than I do on my stairs. I am acquainting myself with the frozen white landscape by hiking and running. Whatever your season is, make sure you exercise daily, do something that makes you feel young and energized, I promise you will not regret it!

I am finding the best raw foods on the mountain, if you come to Big Bear and crave a salad, I highly recommend North Shore Cafe in Fawnskin. If you are a vegetarian or not you will LOVE their grilled cheese and artichoke sandwich.(ask for grilled spinach inside)

Are you ready for my amazing salad? I ordered like normal, I searched the menu for a large salad then had them remove all animal and cooked products. This particular day the sous chef came to our table, introduced himself, and asked why would I strip this salad down to be so boring. When he understood that I was a raw vegan he created for me the BEST salad I have ever had! He sliced apples thinly, threw in several different raw nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, dried fruit, too many vegetables to recall, but man, I was in heaven!!!!! He proceeded to tell me to always ask for him and he would personally see to my salad!

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Cold weather does not hinder my raw lifestyle at all, and warm kind hearts like this sous chef only makes me love it here more. Give thought to how you nourish your body, it is amazing how much better you feel when you love yourself enough to choose right. Food can be your medicine, but you must take it! Enjoy your life, live better, and don’t forget to exercise like a kid and revive yourself!

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Embracing Winter ♥Right Now Raw


The Root Cafe

right now rawI fell in love with The Root Cafe in Little Rock, Arkansas. How can you not love a cafe that purposes to build community through food. They are passionate about using locally grown food from small farms and producers in Arkansas. It is evident when you taste their seasonal dishes, absolutely delicious!

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Their breakfast menu is very impressive mainly because of all the vegan/vegetarian options. Vegan daughter loved their vegan pancakes. They also have tofu scrambles that looked amazing!

One problem I did encounter during my visit to Arkansas was that hot tea was hard to find. Sweet iced tea is everywhere, the task of finding hot organic tea became a challenge. The fact that The Root Cafe not only had hot water they also had a nice selection of organic teas, with this tea stash and the good vibes, it quickly became my favorite spot!

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This is not much of a surprise, but I ordered a salad. It was so fresh and the salad dressing was made in-house and extra tasty. Southern hospitality is another draw for this charming cafe. They accommodated my raw vegan diet by not grilling any vegetables on my salad.

I know, I always say that my favorite healthy restaurants are in Los Angeles, but now Central Arkansas has a place in my heart. I can’t wait to go visit my precious little grand baby(as of now no baby) best part, I already know where I want to eat.

Locally sourced restaurants that have a focus on sustainable activities in their community are rare, but seriously, they are worth finding! What’s in your neighborhood?

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Finding Healthy ♥Right Now Raw




Home Sweet Home

right now rawOne week away from home caused me to really want to visit a local farm and stock up on fresh food. I remember the days when being out-of-town made me crave local fast food like hamburgers & burritos. I am so glad that I have changed my lifestyle because I never crave fast food. Seriously, if I can do this — anyone can!

Next stop after the farm was to The Living Root Cellar. I can’t believe this gem is in my neck of the woods. It’s awesome to be able to stop in and pick up two spicy raw tacos for $5. Of course, I could not leave without a raw almond joy and a specialty cold pressed juice that was perfect for my late afternoon snack.

Places like these make coming home something to look forward to. Take time to find out what is healthy in your neighborhood, being addicted to healthy food is a great way to live. The byproduct of this lifestyle; guilt free eating, more energy, and overall better health. Enjoy your summer better by making healthy choices with every meal!

Finding Healthy ♥Right Now Raw

The Living Root Cellar

right now rawWonderful Husband recently turned 55! I must confess, it felt a little more like my birthday than his because he took me out for a great salad and after lunch we visited The Living Root Cellar. I quickly filled up with fresh cold-pressed juice and a raw dessert.

right now rawI can’t tell you how excited I get when I see local vegan restaurants popping up! This awesome spot has raw tacos, wraps, desserts and a lot of fresh juices. Their menu has delicious salads and veggie burgers.

right now raw

I love that they advertise —farm fresh fuel— this accurately describes how I felt as I enjoyed their food. Coming from a place of sickness, places like this truly prove that food can be medicine. I felt incredible after indulging on fresh healthy food. This precious vegan bar is on my top 5 favorite places to eat. Definitely, you should visit and let fresh food fuel your body!

Oh, and the end of the day became more about Dave’s birthday as he climbed 55 routes at Hangar 18 to celebrate his special day!!!!

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Celebrating Life ♥Right Now Raw


Muffin Top Bakery

right now rawMuffin top has become a term known for bulging fat over tight jeans, right? For me it has a whole new meaning ….vegan pastries!!!!!!! Wonderful husband amazes me how he finds these great spots. One day as he was shopping at Clark’s Nutrition he found some vegan cinnamon rolls and then noticed the supplier was Muffin Top Bakery, which he has seen for years right by his office, but he had never visited.

right now raw

One visit has turned into several because he loves to hear the scream and adoration that he receives from vegan daughter when he comes home with these delicacies! Absolutely worth it! Everyone in our family says they are DELICIOUS!

Once again, I am thrilled to see more vegan options available. They also have gluten-free cupcakes, bread, and pastries. I am not sure where all their goods are sold, but visiting their bakery is definitely a wonderful treat!

Life is Sweet ♥Right Now Raw

Cowboy Surfer Grill

right now rawMy husband has a tradition of having breakfast with our boys early on Sunday mornings. With the constant changing of our family, sometimes there are just not any boys around to have breakfast with. The two faithful breakfast companions just happen to be vegan, and vegans don’t always make the best breakfast dates.

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It’s not our fault, it’s just in our neck of the woods, there are really no vegan breakfast options available. One bright sunny morning, Vegan Daughter and I accompanied Wonderful Husband to the Barnes’ boys favorite greasy spoon, Cowboy Surfer Grill.

I was prepared to enjoy the company, but not the food. I was content to eat the fresh fruit that was carefully concealed in my purse. As I was reading their menu I was totally surprised by what I found. Keep in mind this place is known for their chicken fried steak for BREAKFAST! (Luke’s favorite, UGH)

Here it is:right now raw

I can see why the men in my life love this place, the staff is so warm and friendly. It has a great vibe for breakfast any day of the week.

right now raw

To my delight their fresh fruit was exactly what they advertise, FRESH! I can eat at this local spot anytime. Vegan Daughter loved the sourdough pancakes. Dave enjoyed The Lucy, it is a quinoa burger served with onion rings. He was quite happy with his choice.

This is so encouraging to me, to see local restaurants trying to bring in more dishes to satisfy vegans. How awesome is that? Who needs boys? I’m ready for breakfast!!!!

Loving the Local Vibe ♥Right Now Raw

A Little Help From My Friends

right now rawWhen I first started my blogging adventure, I was pretty much clueless. (still am) I knew that I wanted to share with others how a plant-based lifestyle can change your health and add quality to your life. For my first year of transitioning over to a clean vegan diet, I read everything I could online and that became my support community.

My purpose in posting throughout the week is to let others know that it’s really possible to live without processed food, fast food, or animal products. In August it will be 3 years (2 being a raw vegan) that I have not cheated or missed my old unhealthy diet. If I can do it at 53, and feel great, I can only imagine what this lifestyle can do for others.

right now rawI never wanted anything for this blog, but to portray my real life and what is working for me, wrinkles, weeds, and wonderful live food. To have my post free of pretense, all the while determined to be myself, this is what I’m going for. But every now and then you need a little help from a friend.

This is where my friend comes in, Czar Goss, he is Vegan Daughter’s coach for competitive rock climbing, teaches lead climbing, a route setter, and a PHOTOGRAPHER! He wanted to help me out by doing a shoot for my blog. I know less about photography than I do about blogging, so I was excited for his help.

right now raw

Czar’s photo shoot was so much fun! There was no piling on of makeup or made up hair. He kept it real, just us, how we are, in our humble home, cluttered little kitchen, and weeds overtaking our yard. He captured the essence of our home and what Right Now Raw is all about. It’s funny, prior to the shoot we were exhausted, Vegan Daughter was unaware that she was going to be in the photos, basically we did not feel like models.

right now raw

Czar’s calm professional disposition made the time fly. We relaxed, laughed, and even forgot how tired and unprepared we felt. His photos are amazing! His unique creativity along with a keen sense for detail makes him an excellent photographer. I can not wait to book another photo shoot for my blog, Oh, and I almost forgot, he does weddings! Check out his blog. We booked him for Jessie’s wedding. I can’t wait to see how beautifully he will capture this special day!

right now raw Sharing Life ♥Right Now Raw