Goal Digger

right now rawI waited to write my New Year’s post because I have learned, from personal experience, that resolutions, new goals, and a desire to change can disappear by the end of January. Why is that? I think one reason is — it’s simple to set new goals for self-improvement, but it’s not easy to execute them.

If you have a desire to make it through this brand new year and fully carry out your personal goals, I have a tip for you….. Get your eyes off the whole year, break it down, purpose to not overwhelm yourself. It’s easy to get frustrated when the big picture is really BIG. That is why I like smaller goals, set your goals for a month, week, day, or my favorite way to live; with each meal! (be determined to eat healthy!)right now raw

I think a great goal for this new year is to eat clean in 2016. Look at each meal as a fresh start to eat right. Choose to nourish your body instead of hindering your body by eating unhealthy. If your heart is set on loosing weight, simply eat healthy fruits and vegetables, I promise the weight will automatically come off.

right now raw

Don’t set your exercise goals so big that you can’t reach them. Start small and add, but exercise daily. Remember, you can’t out exercise a bad diet! I love looking back over my last three New Year’s resolutions and seeing that I crushed it! (don’t hate me) I dug in and hit my goals with a fervor and determination, now I am reaping the benefits of my hard work. On this side of the accomplished goals— I must encourage you to set them, reach them, and continue them!  Don’t quit, it’s worth the work! YOU CAN DO IT!

right now raw

My new goals for this year are inspired by the beautiful mountain resort town I live in. I am breaking my goals into seasons; learning to ski, learning to golf, learning to mountain bike, and learning to paddle board. Also, I’m reading one book a month. (I will share with you the books I love ♥)

I think the best way to not get discouraged with your goals is to build a support group, hang out with positive people who can help you, educate yourself on a healthy lifestyle, then dig in and reach your goals!

My winter goal of learning to ski is already becoming easier, much to do with the fact that I did not quit, I watched skiing videos, and I have a great instructor! Thank God for patient friends with buddy passes. This is going to be a great year!

right now raw

Digging Life♥Right Now Raw 







Small Town Season

right now rawI have neglected my blog long enough; it is time to post. The problem is TIME, I am so enraptured with this little mountain town that I stay unplugged most of the day. The mountain is so beautiful that it lures me out daily, when I run in the woods I want to go further and further. I can’t drink in enough of the beauty that surrounds me.

right now raw

Recently, when I was down the hill visiting family, a friend asked me if I was bored in my new community. I can’t imagine anyone being bored in nature. To say I love it up here would be an understatement. I feel beyond blessed and I never want to take this for granted!

One thing I am learning from my new local friends is that seasons are celebrated. Everyone is loving the fall, but they also eagerly await winter. The vibe is pretty much to get out and enjoy the season you’re in. I think this a perfect way to live, this pushes me to make healthy choices regardless of my surroundings.

right now raw

I am still raw as ever and my lifestyle has not been a challenge at all. The local Vons seriously has a fantastic organic section. Wonderful Husband is always faithful to bring up my favorite things.

Little Cabin in the Woods is coming along wonderfully. I suck at DIY projects because I always forget to take the before picture.(UGH) I think that is because I am wired to forget the past and press on towards what is happening right now. We did do a little work on our fireplace. The deer head had to go, we pulled out the rock, then we used chalk paint to help get it to where we felt comfortable living with it. This project cost $30.00.(YES, we have blue carpet)

Right now the leaves are falling off the tress around me, and the wind zips around our home,  I am cozy with a warm blanket, raw brownie, hot green tea, and a breathtaking view. Fall is evident, but some seasons are better than others. If you are stuck in a place that is not good, HANG IN THERE, make right choices, let healthy food and exercise be a part of your everyday life. Being healthy makes any season better.

right now raw Hopelessly in Love ♥Right Now Raw




Reversing Gravity Daily

right now raw For my birthday month of September I purposed to give myself a present everyday! This wonderful gift was a daily yoga session. Some days were insanely busy, it was hard to find the time for my treasured gift. I don’t want you to think I do yoga well… I am a novice, beginner, newbie, but I love it!!! My busy days amounted to ten minutes of lotus position, relaxing, breathing with head rolls. My determination was at a high and this experience has been great!

I stumbled into yoga, and then realized I was on to something. This is helping me so much! The two poses I try to not overlook are headstands & shoulderstands. There is just something about reversing the action of gravity on my body that I am obsessed with. Little did I know, shirshasana (headstand) is known as king and sarvangasana (shoulderstand) is considered queen. No wonder I like them! The benefits of these two are amazing. Are you ready for my top favorite perks of doing these poses daily?

  • Reduces wrinkles (natural facelift) don’t judge, I’m 53!
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Soothing to the nervous system (relieves stress)
  • Increases mental alertness and clarity
  • Helps cleanse intestines and overcome problems in the stomach
  • Brings health to the entire body and soothes your soul right now raw

Sometimes it is important to give yourself gifts. I would recommend learning yoga in a studio, then take what you learn and practice daily. The gift of health is one gift only you can give yourself, no re-gifting on this. It is in your hand, what are you going to do with it? I hope you open it!!!!! The benefits will amaze you. Set a goal, and surpass it! I know you CAN do it!

right now raw Namaste Right Now Raw

Mind Games

right now raw

I have become accustom to exercising daily, now it is as important to me as eating clean with every meal. I don’t want my days to happen, I want to own my day, by being purposeful with what I do with my time. However, there are those days when I really don’t want to get out there and complete my exercise plan. It is like my commitment is there, but my thoughts want to talk me into quitting. I have been running regularly for 6 months, yet the more acquainted I am with this discipline the more my mind wants to dislike it. Familiarity really can breed contempt!

right now raw

To fight these mind games of contempt I practice meditating on three simple steps:

  1. Recognize; that these are thoughts and NOT truths.
  2. Reject; the untruths that you can’t, and reflect on how far you have come.
  3. Revitalize; get out there and exercise even when you don’t want to.

When I return from my run I feel revitalized and full of vigor. The thoughts of me being too old, too tired, and too slow have vanished. Negativity has been replaced with positive energy that declares it is going to be a great day!

right now raw

I am fully convinced that exercise is key to our health. I am a believer in the thought that you can’t out exercise a bad diet, but a good diet needs exercise!

right now raw

My yoga instructor told me that exercise would tone my body quickly due to all of the nutrient dense foods that I eat. I decided right then and there that I would try to crush it instead of thinking … well, I eat healthy so I won’t work as hard… No short cuts here, a healthy  life needs to be moving!

right now raw I’m not sure where your thoughts and determinations lie, but I hope you give exercise a piece of your day so you can enjoy revitalization.

Determinedly Living, Right Now Raw

Shadow Self

right now raw

I love running outdoors when my shadow is in front of me.The dark figure in front of me is my MOTIVATION! This familiar spirit reminds me of whom I am doing this for… and it’s ME!

One thing about running is that I can always feel the jiggle, but to see the jiggle in my shadow, well that pretty much cinched up my determination, and made every step worth it!

right now raw

I am not running in a race to compete with anyone. I am simply running for myself. Reaching my running goal has been so rewarding for me! I want to incite you to not just start a fitness program, but to finish one!

Find your motivation so you can get moving. Something as simple as a shadow, a jiggle, or a bad day can motivate me to get out there and finish my goals.The after feeling of accomplishment is worth any discomfort you will feel from exerting yourself.  If you find yourself in a rut, it’s time to change things up! Try a new fitness routine. I have some friends that want to add rock climbing to their work-out. I love that!

right now raw

Most importantly, eat well, and choose healthy organic food. Sometimes we can get so busy in life that we stop exercising, during these times eat all the cleaner. If you find yourself in a sedentary season don’t add insult to injury by eating unhealthy. Making healthy right choices will help you battle the feelings of depression, disappointment, and regret. We don’t want those feelings creeping into our lives! When your schedule does free up, get out there and CRUSH IT!

right now raw

The beloved Peter Pan was attached to his shadow, and I have to say, so am I! I love the projected image of myself getting healthier and stronger.

Put aside self loathing, procrastination, and busyness. Love yourself, start now, and make time for you. YOU are so worth it!

Right now raw


Spring Fling


right now rawBeing healthy is not a spring fling, but spring is a perfect time to get started on a fitness program. This is the season for new beginnings.

When I first started running my vegan daughter, Lori, ran with me. Then one day she decided that her focus needed to be more on core exercises. The thought crossed my mind…should I quit too because I no longer have a running partner? NO WAY!

right now raw

So, I continued. I finally made it through the couch to 5K program, and I am loving running 3 miles. I also love what I have learned since I started running and that is my fitness program is for ME. It needs to be tailor-made to fit my life. Whatever your choice of fitness is make sure you enjoy it, and that you can do it alone.

Your fitness should not be contingent on someone else. I am not bashing working out with friends, that’s a great thing. You need to have a determination that, come hell or high water, you are going to exercise! Sometimes it is easy to back out if your friends are not continuing on in the same direction that you are going. It is important to have an alternative plan if you find yourself alone.

right now raw

W.O.D. (workout of the day) should not just be a “gym thing”, it should be a “you thing” so that everyday you have a workout plan. I take one day off to rest. I love climbing on top ropes at our gym, but that requires a belayer, if one is not available I will boulder easy routes because bouldering I can do alone. The other part of my WOD is either running 3 miles or yoga. I can’t wait to add swimming to this mix!

Spring advertisements are promising the perfect beach body by summer. I believe summer bodies are made in the  winter by sticking with your fitness goals. By being consistent you will not have to cram during spring.You will love the skin you are in because you have worked hard through the year!

right now raw

If you are just getting started with a fitness program, that is FANTASTIC! Stick with it and by next spring you will be amazed at your transformation! Keep in mind that you can’t out exercise a bad diet. It is 70% diet and 30% fitness. Fall in love with fresh organic fruits and vegetables and your body will love you for it and in turn you will love your body!

right now raw

I am enjoying my first spring being right now raw!



Guarded Heart

right now rawNow that January has faded into February, how are you feeling about your health goals? Has the excitement of the new year worn off and the commitment to a new you, one month later, could it be that you still feel like the old you?

I want you to be encouraged because that feeling of the “old you” is normal. Starting off this new month, your top priority needs to be being patient with yourself!  Let’s look at all the changes you have been consistent with and celebrate those! Then take a good close look at what tripped you up or caused you to lose focus and strategize on how to eliminate that obstacle.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (Pro. 4:23) What is going on in your heart has a lot to do with your success. Say to yourself, “I can do this” Don’t let negative thoughts take root in your heart. Look at all you have accomplished. With every meal you have a choice to choose right. Do it!!!

If the excitement of the “new year, new you” has vanished, here are some ways to spark that new you:

  • Watch health documentaries
  • Hang out with healthy friends
  • Make new dishes
  • Only eat what taste delicious
  • Love yourself

right now raw

I almost quit running because I could not stop the pain and swelling in my legs, then I talked to an experienced wise runner. She simply told me that she would hate to see me quit running if all I need is a good pair of running shoes. So, I took her advice, paid the big money for ugly shoes. (that’s hard for me, not the money, the ugly shoes) Those shoes took care of my problem, and I love running! I share this because I hate to see people give up on eating healthy before they experience the benefits of good health.

right now raw

My heart is guarded and filled with anticipation for others to gain a healthier lifestyle. Please take quitting, failure, and regret out of your heart. Fill yourself with staying focused, accomplished, and disciplined! Being right now raw helped me to become a new me!

right now raw