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right now rawI waited to write my New Year’s post because I have learned, from personal experience, that resolutions, new goals, and a desire to change can disappear by the end of January. Why is that? I think one reason is — it’s simple to set new goals for self-improvement, but it’s not easy to execute them.

If you have a desire to make it through this brand new year and fully carry out your personal goals, I have a tip for you….. Get your eyes off the whole year, break it down, purpose to not overwhelm yourself. It’s easy to get frustrated when the big picture is really BIG. That is why I like smaller goals, set your goals for a month, week, day, or my favorite way to live; with each meal! (be determined to eat healthy!)right now raw

I think a great goal for this new year is to eat clean in 2016. Look at each meal as a fresh start to eat right. Choose to nourish your body instead of hindering your body by eating unhealthy. If your heart is set on loosing weight, simply eat healthy fruits and vegetables, I promise the weight will automatically come off.

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Don’t set your exercise goals so big that you can’t reach them. Start small and add, but exercise daily. Remember, you can’t out exercise a bad diet! I love looking back over my last three New Year’s resolutions and seeing that I crushed it! (don’t hate me) I dug in and hit my goals with a fervor and determination, now I am reaping the benefits of my hard work. On this side of the accomplished goals— I must encourage you to set them, reach them, and continue them!  Don’t quit, it’s worth the work! YOU CAN DO IT!

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My new goals for this year are inspired by the beautiful mountain resort town I live in. I am breaking my goals into seasons; learning to ski, learning to golf, learning to mountain bike, and learning to paddle board. Also, I’m reading one book a month. (I will share with you the books I love ♥)

I think the best way to not get discouraged with your goals is to build a support group, hang out with positive people who can help you, educate yourself on a healthy lifestyle, then dig in and reach your goals!

My winter goal of learning to ski is already becoming easier, much to do with the fact that I did not quit, I watched skiing videos, and I have a great instructor! Thank God for patient friends with buddy passes. This is going to be a great year!

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right now rawMy third raw Thanksgiving has come and gone, but what a time I had! I love how fresh and vibrant raw food is, and no, I don’t miss cooked food, not even with snow falling around me all day long. Raw food has become a comfort to me. It represents healing, and I strongly believe if you change your diet; you can change your life! I am living this out every day. During this time of the year, I am truly thankful to God for healing my body through food.

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The best part of this precious holiday is spending time with family. Our little mountain paradise did not disappoint our guest as it snowed gently all day. This provided us with a great excuse to wander in the woods. Local residents had decorated random trees in the forest which made our hike all the more whimsical.

I felt as though I was living in a snow globe, so when our children wanted to go snowboarding and skiing, how could I resist? Wonderful Husband is a great skier, although it had been over 30 years since he had skied, (because he met me) he took to it beautifully!

right now raw

I, on the other hand, had  a totally different experience. I started my morning crying in the car due to the fact that I could not get my ski boots on. (they’re ridiculous) I was terrible! (understatement) I fell so many times (at least 50). Then I continued to run through mesh fences, tangled my legs in so many different ways that I never thought possible, and to top it off — I just simply wanted to quit, this winter sport was too much for me!

My husband was getting frustrated with me not because of my lack of ability, but my deflated disposition was too much for him. He finally, in a loud voice, answered my plea to walk down the mountain, “ABSOLUTELY NOT, you are not a quitter, you are Right Now Raw, now get up and get down this run!” I dried my tears and got down the beautiful mountain. (my kids went down 3 to my 1)

I was a cold mess! I am the worst skier ever, I realized that I’m not really “gifted” at anything. Everything I have learned has always come with hard work and perseverance. One thing I do have is determination, I will use this determination to learn how to ski.

right now raw

I don’t know where you are at in life right now, but if you are feeling a little deflated, get up, let determination fill your soul, and realize you CAN learn new things! The things you desire for your life might not come naturally, there are not many prodigies, but if there is a desire to improve yourself  — GO FOR IT! The worst thing you can do is fall, the best thing you can do is get back up and keep trying!

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Determinedly Living ♥Right Now Raw 

Proverbs 24:16

Small Town Season

right now rawI have neglected my blog long enough; it is time to post. The problem is TIME, I am so enraptured with this little mountain town that I stay unplugged most of the day. The mountain is so beautiful that it lures me out daily, when I run in the woods I want to go further and further. I can’t drink in enough of the beauty that surrounds me.

right now raw

Recently, when I was down the hill visiting family, a friend asked me if I was bored in my new community. I can’t imagine anyone being bored in nature. To say I love it up here would be an understatement. I feel beyond blessed and I never want to take this for granted!

One thing I am learning from my new local friends is that seasons are celebrated. Everyone is loving the fall, but they also eagerly await winter. The vibe is pretty much to get out and enjoy the season you’re in. I think this a perfect way to live, this pushes me to make healthy choices regardless of my surroundings.

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I am still raw as ever and my lifestyle has not been a challenge at all. The local Vons seriously has a fantastic organic section. Wonderful Husband is always faithful to bring up my favorite things.

Little Cabin in the Woods is coming along wonderfully. I suck at DIY projects because I always forget to take the before picture.(UGH) I think that is because I am wired to forget the past and press on towards what is happening right now. We did do a little work on our fireplace. The deer head had to go, we pulled out the rock, then we used chalk paint to help get it to where we felt comfortable living with it. This project cost $30.00.(YES, we have blue carpet)

Right now the leaves are falling off the tress around me, and the wind zips around our home,  I am cozy with a warm blanket, raw brownie, hot green tea, and a breathtaking view. Fall is evident, but some seasons are better than others. If you are stuck in a place that is not good, HANG IN THERE, make right choices, let healthy food and exercise be a part of your everyday life. Being healthy makes any season better.

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2 Years a Raw Vegan

right now rawI love that my birthday and my raw birthday are so closely entwined. Yes, I am hitting 54 and the exciting news is; I hit 2 years of an entirely raw diet! The energy gained by this lifestyle is off the charts amazing!

I am a believer in baby steps, taking small steps in the right direction is way better than leaping forward, skipping tons of steps, only to recognize you are not in a healthy spot — then going back and starting over. Lifestyle change happens slowly. Making healthy choices throughout your day is how it becomes a reality, it’s about believing in yourself, and loving yourself enough to change. I always seem to rush into something thinking one thing and then realizing it was not what I thought at all.

The view of Providence has once again proved trustworthy,  I was certain I was running in my 50’s to feel awesome in my 60’s, but now I am pretty certain it has something to do with the 30+ steps I meet with everyday. The best training we can do for ourselves is to train for quality of life, this focus will keep us ready for whatever comes our way!

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Living in the mountains is definitely a dream I never thought possible for us. We have gone backwards more than forwards over the past 7 years. Now, as I am much older and healthier, I cherish the small steps that helped open my eyes to a better life. Seeing the stairway stripped off of our little cabin in the woods was something to rejoice over.

right now raw

Small steps are better than no steps, (no steps are really scary) secure steps are the best, (you can run on them), but most importantly, realize that the steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord. He created our bodies to be healthy, enjoy a better life by choosing healthy food with every meal.

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Loving the Adventure ♥Right Now Raw


Repurpose Your Life

right now rawI am wonderfully exhausted! My daughter’s beautiful wedding is behind me, but now I sit in a mess, boxes surround me, most of my attention is given to packing and cleaning. Living between two houses that both need a lot of work is overwhelming at times.

Some mornings I wake up and think — I have to organize a mess within a mess. How do you do that? Best advice ever…… don’t pack your juicer! Keeping myself well nourished on raw food has helped me tremendously during this transition to live in the mountains!

right now raw

Little cabin in the woods is starting to come out of the “80s” and it is so much fun to watch the transformation. I love finding old furniture to repurpose. A quick trip to the local landfill was crazy, we saw a large mound of patio furniture. I am need of this type of furniture for our decks, but you are not allowed to remove items. (dang it!) Thankfully, we found some good stuff on Craigslist and at the Salvation Army. I will share the progress I make with these treasures once I have time to refinish them.

The best part of this day was not only finding great furniture, but we ate lunch at Mother’s in Huntington Beach. This vegan wonderland had a full service restaurant and it was delicious. I had a house salad and Wonderful Husband enjoyed jackfruit tacos. I am a mountain girl now, but oh how I wish the mountains had restaurants and stores like the beach cities! I love the vegan friendly vibe!

If you ever feel like your are a mess — living in a mess, hang in there. Repurpose yourself by eating right and pursuing health. You don’t have to wait for more time to transform yourself, you can start right now with your next meal. Your transformation is worth it!

right now rawPurposely Living ♥Right Now Raw