3 Years – Am I Still Raw?

right now rawIt has been quite some time since I sat still long enough to post on my blog! This negligence is caused by the unbelievable beautiful mountain town I live in, seriously, it is hard to stay indoors! I also adore the church in our community, but my new distraction is the cutest little guy in the world, Wolf, our grandson. I never thought he would live ten minutes from us. I sometimes find myself crying on the way home from their house just because when you receive something that you never thought you would have; life becomes all the more precious! right now raw

Another unbelievable nostalgic thought process for me at the moment is that I just celebrated my 3rd year a raw vegan. WOW! Right? So, my absence does not mean I have been stuffing my face with unhealthy food. (just in case you were wondering)

right now raw

I am currently reading, How Not to Die, by Dr. Greger. This book has plenty of research and data to prove that a whole plant-based diet is the best for optimum health. You know, I LOVE this! Ironic thing about not being able to put this book down…… I recently placed a hot glue gun down on it to cool off after finishing a project, of course, I unplugged the gun, then 12 hours later I went to get my cherished book, come to find out — I unplugged the fan not the gun! Ugh, I think I need a new chapter on how not to die from burning your house down!!!!!

right now raw

One thing I read in the midst of all this information was, Don’t let the perfect stop you from the good. That is still ringing in my ears. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to my health. Dr. Greger has valid points on the benefit of plant protein and the super antioxidants in these powerhouse legumes. I am so convinced after reading this book and studying through the clinical trials presented in his research that I am adding cooked beans to my diet.

right now raw

No, I will not be smothering these with tons of salt or eating them out of a can. I will soak, cook, and toss these organic babies in my salad. Raw hummus is my first choice, but if I can’t find it raw I will purchase organic cooked hummus.

I hope the raw foodie community does not kick me out……maybe I should change my name to Right Now Mostly Raw? The best part of a lifestyle change is making changes for a healthier lifestyle. I love the pioneers of raw-veganism, they have taught me how to consume huge mono-meals, and how to thrive on a hclfrv diet. I no longer eat 30 bananas a day, but what I am consuming continues to heal my body. I LOVE whole raw real food. I am sharing a list of what my average day looks like. I have learned a lot and with that learning comes ch-ch-changes!

I am excited for another healthy raw year. It is a great thing to learn about nutrition, but to understand and put it into practice is even better! I hope you will make a change today that will improve your health, like click the image below, and read this book!!!!!

Right Now ♥ Mostly Raw






Spring in My Step

right now rawThe rich brown earth is exposing itself and forcing me to say goodbye to the magical winter wonderland I surprisingly fell in love with. The rented ski equipment is safely back in the shop, I had a moment of silence for the fleeting season that I had adored, then I quickly set my mind to all the progress I made this winter.

right now raw

I learned how to ski!!!! I completed my winter goal with no injuries, I am thrilled to be a beginner skier. The secret to my success was skiing with experienced friends! I soaked up as much wisdom as I could from them,  I also placed myself behind someone who skis beautifully, and down I went. I was scared, but I did it anyway!

When dealing with a lifestyle change it can seem as difficult (or more difficult) as learning a new sport. Oh, but, the rewards are so worth it!!!!! How are you doing on your goals? If you are struggling, I have a perfect place for you to start: Get behind people who are succeeding in a healthy lifestyle, soak up as much wisdom as you can, and DO IT! (even if it’s hard) I know you can do it! Set your health goals for the spring and be confident that as you complete them you will be adding so much value to your life.

right now raw

Now that I have a spring in my step……my mountain bike is out, hiking has increased, and my running shoes are taking me to delightful trails. Let this spring be your best season. Enjoy exercising in nature along with eating from local farmers’ markets. Local seasonal food is easily purchased during the spring. Spoil yourself by eating healthy with every meal — I promise you won’t regret it!

right now raw

A time and season for every event under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1



Wheat -vs- Meat

right now rawI want to share my take on my February book read; Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis you should READ IT! Really, if you have any problems with digestion, IBS, inflammation, arthritis, fat belly, or any health problems this book can help turn your life around.

As for me, the entire time I was reading this book, I was thinking —”Why am I reading this, I have not consumed wheat in three years?” Then I realized; if you are on the path of a healthy lifestyle change you must continue to educate yourself on health and nutrition, so that you can stay strong on your journey!  Remaining nutritionally ignorant and ceasing to add information to your understanding, would be like living as a christian and never reading your Bible. That pretty much makes you weak.

right now raw

Did I agree with everything in this book? NO! It even made me doubt my raw vegan ways. The main reason for this sudden doubt to appear was when I read about the reversal of sickness due to patients eliminating wheat from their diets. It was like I was reading my success story. Then it hit me…. was it the meat removal or the wheat removal that has caused my health to be at its optimum?

Oh my, have I given too much credit to a raw vegan lifestyle when the credit and honor was really due to a wheat-ectomy? Have I been encouraging people in the wrong way? My head began to spin, I stopped the nonsense by reflecting on the past years and realizing that I do not have the education these brilliant doctors have, but I do have a personal experience with sickness, and I now walk in good health. This experience is where I rest my confidence. Removing wheat absolutely helped me gain my success living a healthy lifestyle, but as I embraced raw vegan food my energy, attitude, and body leaped forward into better health and a thankfulness that I cherish daily!

right now raw

Regardless of what your diet is, you can benefit by reading this book and getting wheat out of your diet, the best by-product of wheat removal is the disappearance of belly fat.YAY!!! Meat verses wheat???? I say both have helped me immensely. I do agree with Dr. Davis that the removal of wheat must be replaced with whole real food, predominantly vegetables.

right now raw

In my opinion, there are subtle undertones of anti-veganism in his writing. The part I disliked most is a slam on Dr. Colin Campbell. (that hurt my heart) I love, Forks Over Knives, and Dr. Campbell opened my eyes to the research in; The China Study. I still don’t understand triglycerides, how insulin works, or what the heck gluten is, but one thing I am certain of — I am going to continue to learn and walk this life as a grateful thankful gluten-free raw vegan!

right now raw

Figuring it Out♥Right Now Raw 

Goal Digger

right now rawI waited to write my New Year’s post because I have learned, from personal experience, that resolutions, new goals, and a desire to change can disappear by the end of January. Why is that? I think one reason is — it’s simple to set new goals for self-improvement, but it’s not easy to execute them.

If you have a desire to make it through this brand new year and fully carry out your personal goals, I have a tip for you….. Get your eyes off the whole year, break it down, purpose to not overwhelm yourself. It’s easy to get frustrated when the big picture is really BIG. That is why I like smaller goals, set your goals for a month, week, day, or my favorite way to live; with each meal! (be determined to eat healthy!)right now raw

I think a great goal for this new year is to eat clean in 2016. Look at each meal as a fresh start to eat right. Choose to nourish your body instead of hindering your body by eating unhealthy. If your heart is set on loosing weight, simply eat healthy fruits and vegetables, I promise the weight will automatically come off.

right now raw

Don’t set your exercise goals so big that you can’t reach them. Start small and add, but exercise daily. Remember, you can’t out exercise a bad diet! I love looking back over my last three New Year’s resolutions and seeing that I crushed it! (don’t hate me) I dug in and hit my goals with a fervor and determination, now I am reaping the benefits of my hard work. On this side of the accomplished goals— I must encourage you to set them, reach them, and continue them!  Don’t quit, it’s worth the work! YOU CAN DO IT!

right now raw

My new goals for this year are inspired by the beautiful mountain resort town I live in. I am breaking my goals into seasons; learning to ski, learning to golf, learning to mountain bike, and learning to paddle board. Also, I’m reading one book a month. (I will share with you the books I love ♥)

I think the best way to not get discouraged with your goals is to build a support group, hang out with positive people who can help you, educate yourself on a healthy lifestyle, then dig in and reach your goals!

My winter goal of learning to ski is already becoming easier, much to do with the fact that I did not quit, I watched skiing videos, and I have a great instructor! Thank God for patient friends with buddy passes. This is going to be a great year!

right now raw

Digging Life♥Right Now Raw 






Nice People, Nice Gift

right now rawMean people suck, but nice people are AMAZING — they have a way of making the world a better place just because they are in it! Dave and I are blessed to have a couple in our lives that are the nicest people you will ever meet. We had the opportunity to spend some time with this lovely couple, we had fun just hiking in the woods and eating good food. These kind friends gave me my favorite present this holiday season, homemade almond milk.

What? I can’t believe I have never made this! First of all, for the past two and a half years of being a raw vegan, I have not had any milk-like products. If you are a raw vegan, vegan, or an omnivore— I just have one question…. Got milk?

right now raw

After spending time with this precious family, I woke up early the next morning eager to try this milk. I crumbled up my raw granola bar, threw in some raw nuts, tossed a few dried cranberries in, then proceeded to pour this beautiful white substance over my creation. Oh my, I am addicted, I admit it! I look for raw food to drown in this unbelievably delicious milk.

right now raw

The best gifts are the ones that show that you truly know what a person will enjoy. I love healthy gifts. I wish I could deliver fresh juice to all of you this Christmas season for hanging in there with me and reading my post, I appreciate you!!!!! Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to be a juice gift giver, but I do plan on finding some who will enjoy an organic fresh juice.

right now raw

My sweet friend shared her almond milk recipe with me. She and I share a love for organic food. Now, I must pass this along to you, be warned; this can be addicting!


  • 1 cup almonds (soaked 12 hours)
  • 3-4 cups water

Blend high-speed, strain through fine strainer, or cheesecloth.You can also throw in a few dates and vanilla in the blender with the almonds.

right now raw

Healthy Holidays♥Right Now Raw





right now rawMy third raw Thanksgiving has come and gone, but what a time I had! I love how fresh and vibrant raw food is, and no, I don’t miss cooked food, not even with snow falling around me all day long. Raw food has become a comfort to me. It represents healing, and I strongly believe if you change your diet; you can change your life! I am living this out every day. During this time of the year, I am truly thankful to God for healing my body through food.

right now raw

The best part of this precious holiday is spending time with family. Our little mountain paradise did not disappoint our guest as it snowed gently all day. This provided us with a great excuse to wander in the woods. Local residents had decorated random trees in the forest which made our hike all the more whimsical.

I felt as though I was living in a snow globe, so when our children wanted to go snowboarding and skiing, how could I resist? Wonderful Husband is a great skier, although it had been over 30 years since he had skied, (because he met me) he took to it beautifully!

right now raw

I, on the other hand, had  a totally different experience. I started my morning crying in the car due to the fact that I could not get my ski boots on. (they’re ridiculous) I was terrible! (understatement) I fell so many times (at least 50). Then I continued to run through mesh fences, tangled my legs in so many different ways that I never thought possible, and to top it off — I just simply wanted to quit, this winter sport was too much for me!

My husband was getting frustrated with me not because of my lack of ability, but my deflated disposition was too much for him. He finally, in a loud voice, answered my plea to walk down the mountain, “ABSOLUTELY NOT, you are not a quitter, you are Right Now Raw, now get up and get down this run!” I dried my tears and got down the beautiful mountain. (my kids went down 3 to my 1)

I was a cold mess! I am the worst skier ever, I realized that I’m not really “gifted” at anything. Everything I have learned has always come with hard work and perseverance. One thing I do have is determination, I will use this determination to learn how to ski.

right now raw

I don’t know where you are at in life right now, but if you are feeling a little deflated, get up, let determination fill your soul, and realize you CAN learn new things! The things you desire for your life might not come naturally, there are not many prodigies, but if there is a desire to improve yourself  — GO FOR IT! The worst thing you can do is fall, the best thing you can do is get back up and keep trying!

right now raw

Determinedly Living ♥Right Now Raw 

Proverbs 24:16

Raw in Winter

right now rawI really did not know what to expect when snow began to invade our beautiful little mountain town. Everything changed so quickly, I was just learning to ride my mountain bike on the trails and loving it. There is something about riding a bike that makes me feel like a kid. It is awesome…you should try it! What an amazing way to exercise.

right now raw

Seriously, you can not begrudge the snow up here, not only does it make the mountain a winter wonderland, from what I hear, every snowflake is a dollar and this community thrives because of it. So, being a new mountain woman, I am embracing the snow! I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I have fallen on our steps. (I’m losing count) I keep getting back up and walking more carefully each time.

right now raw

My new exercise this winter is snow shoveling. I have not tried skiing yet, I hope I do better on the slopes than I do on my stairs. I am acquainting myself with the frozen white landscape by hiking and running. Whatever your season is, make sure you exercise daily, do something that makes you feel young and energized, I promise you will not regret it!

I am finding the best raw foods on the mountain, if you come to Big Bear and crave a salad, I highly recommend North Shore Cafe in Fawnskin. If you are a vegetarian or not you will LOVE their grilled cheese and artichoke sandwich.(ask for grilled spinach inside)

Are you ready for my amazing salad? I ordered like normal, I searched the menu for a large salad then had them remove all animal and cooked products. This particular day the sous chef came to our table, introduced himself, and asked why would I strip this salad down to be so boring. When he understood that I was a raw vegan he created for me the BEST salad I have ever had! He sliced apples thinly, threw in several different raw nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, dried fruit, too many vegetables to recall, but man, I was in heaven!!!!! He proceeded to tell me to always ask for him and he would personally see to my salad!

right now raw

Cold weather does not hinder my raw lifestyle at all, and warm kind hearts like this sous chef only makes me love it here more. Give thought to how you nourish your body, it is amazing how much better you feel when you love yourself enough to choose right. Food can be your medicine, but you must take it! Enjoy your life, live better, and don’t forget to exercise like a kid and revive yourself!

right now raw

Embracing Winter ♥Right Now Raw