3 Years – Am I Still Raw?

right now rawIt has been quite some time since I sat still long enough to post on my blog! This negligence is caused by the unbelievable beautiful mountain town I live in, seriously, it is hard to stay indoors! I also adore the church in our community, but my new distraction is the cutest little guy in the world, Wolf, our grandson. I never thought he would live ten minutes from us. I sometimes find myself crying on the way home from their house just because when you receive something that you never thought you would have; life becomes all the more precious! right now raw

Another unbelievable nostalgic thought process for me at the moment is that I just celebrated my 3rd year a raw vegan. WOW! Right? So, my absence does not mean I have been stuffing my face with unhealthy food. (just in case you were wondering)

right now raw

I am currently reading, How Not to Die, by Dr. Greger. This book has plenty of research and data to prove that a whole plant-based diet is the best for optimum health. You know, I LOVE this! Ironic thing about not being able to put this book down…… I recently placed a hot glue gun down on it to cool off after finishing a project, of course, I unplugged the gun, then 12 hours later I went to get my cherished book, come to find out — I unplugged the fan not the gun! Ugh, I think I need a new chapter on how not to die from burning your house down!!!!!

right now raw

One thing I read in the midst of all this information was, Don’t let the perfect stop you from the good. That is still ringing in my ears. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to my health. Dr. Greger has valid points on the benefit of plant protein and the super antioxidants in these powerhouse legumes. I am so convinced after reading this book and studying through the clinical trials presented in his research that I am adding cooked beans to my diet.

right now raw

No, I will not be smothering these with tons of salt or eating them out of a can. I will soak, cook, and toss these organic babies in my salad. Raw hummus is my first choice, but if I can’t find it raw I will purchase organic cooked hummus.

I hope the raw foodie community does not kick me out……maybe I should change my name to Right Now Mostly Raw? The best part of a lifestyle change is making changes for a healthier lifestyle. I love the pioneers of raw-veganism, they have taught me how to consume huge mono-meals, and how to thrive on a hclfrv diet. I no longer eat 30 bananas a day, but what I am consuming continues to heal my body. I LOVE whole raw real food. I am sharing a list of what my average day looks like. I have learned a lot and with that learning comes ch-ch-changes!

I am excited for another healthy raw year. It is a great thing to learn about nutrition, but to understand and put it into practice is even better! I hope you will make a change today that will improve your health, like click the image below, and read this book!!!!!

Right Now ♥ Mostly Raw






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