Spring in My Step

right now rawThe rich brown earth is exposing itself and forcing me to say goodbye to the magical winter wonderland I surprisingly fell in love with. The rented ski equipment is safely back in the shop, I had a moment of silence for the fleeting season that I had adored, then I quickly set my mind to all the progress I made this winter.

right now raw

I learned how to ski!!!! I completed my winter goal with no injuries, I am thrilled to be a beginner skier. The secret to my success was skiing with experienced friends! I soaked up as much wisdom as I could from them,  I also placed myself behind someone who skis beautifully, and down I went. I was scared, but I did it anyway!

When dealing with a lifestyle change it can seem as difficult (or more difficult) as learning a new sport. Oh, but, the rewards are so worth it!!!!! How are you doing on your goals? If you are struggling, I have a perfect place for you to start: Get behind people who are succeeding in a healthy lifestyle, soak up as much wisdom as you can, and DO IT! (even if it’s hard) I know you can do it! Set your health goals for the spring and be confident that as you complete them you will be adding so much value to your life.

right now raw

Now that I have a spring in my step……my mountain bike is out, hiking has increased, and my running shoes are taking me to delightful trails. Let this spring be your best season. Enjoy exercising in nature along with eating from local farmers’ markets. Local seasonal food is easily purchased during the spring. Spoil yourself by eating healthy with every meal — I promise you won’t regret it!

right now raw

A time and season for every event under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1




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