Wheat -vs- Meat

right now rawI want to share my take on my February book read; Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis you should READ IT! Really, if you have any problems with digestion, IBS, inflammation, arthritis, fat belly, or any health problems this book can help turn your life around.

As for me, the entire time I was reading this book, I was thinking —”Why am I reading this, I have not consumed wheat in three years?” Then I realized; if you are on the path of a healthy lifestyle change you must continue to educate yourself on health and nutrition, so that you can stay strong on your journey!  Remaining nutritionally ignorant and ceasing to add information to your understanding, would be like living as a christian and never reading your Bible. That pretty much makes you weak.

right now raw

Did I agree with everything in this book? NO! It even made me doubt my raw vegan ways. The main reason for this sudden doubt to appear was when I read about the reversal of sickness due to patients eliminating wheat from their diets. It was like I was reading my success story. Then it hit me…. was it the meat removal or the wheat removal that has caused my health to be at its optimum?

Oh my, have I given too much credit to a raw vegan lifestyle when the credit and honor was really due to a wheat-ectomy? Have I been encouraging people in the wrong way? My head began to spin, I stopped the nonsense by reflecting on the past years and realizing that I do not have the education these brilliant doctors have, but I do have a personal experience with sickness, and I now walk in good health. This experience is where I rest my confidence. Removing wheat absolutely helped me gain my success living a healthy lifestyle, but as I embraced raw vegan food my energy, attitude, and body leaped forward into better health and a thankfulness that I cherish daily!

right now raw

Regardless of what your diet is, you can benefit by reading this book and getting wheat out of your diet, the best by-product of wheat removal is the disappearance of belly fat.YAY!!! Meat verses wheat???? I say both have helped me immensely. I do agree with Dr. Davis that the removal of wheat must be replaced with whole real food, predominantly vegetables.

right now raw

In my opinion, there are subtle undertones of anti-veganism in his writing. The part I disliked most is a slam on Dr. Colin Campbell. (that hurt my heart) I love, Forks Over Knives, and Dr. Campbell opened my eyes to the research in; The China Study. I still don’t understand triglycerides, how insulin works, or what the heck gluten is, but one thing I am certain of — I am going to continue to learn and walk this life as a grateful thankful gluten-free raw vegan!

right now raw

Figuring it Out♥Right Now Raw 


2 thoughts on “Wheat -vs- Meat

  1. This has been on my to read list for ages. Glad to hear your perspective. I rarely read food-related books anymore that aren’t based in veganism because I always get so upset about what omnivorous authors recommend for a healthy diet.

  2. I know it does make me angry too! I am trying to glean what I can from others’ success stories, this book is definitely helping people change their lifestyle. Hopefully more people will see the need for a plant based diet as well as a gluten free life! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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