Goal Digger

right now rawI waited to write my New Year’s post because I have learned, from personal experience, that resolutions, new goals, and a desire to change can disappear by the end of January. Why is that? I think one reason is — it’s simple to set new goals for self-improvement, but it’s not easy to execute them.

If you have a desire to make it through this brand new year and fully carry out your personal goals, I have a tip for you….. Get your eyes off the whole year, break it down, purpose to not overwhelm yourself. It’s easy to get frustrated when the big picture is really BIG. That is why I like smaller goals, set your goals for a month, week, day, or my favorite way to live; with each meal! (be determined to eat healthy!)right now raw

I think a great goal for this new year is to eat clean in 2016. Look at each meal as a fresh start to eat right. Choose to nourish your body instead of hindering your body by eating unhealthy. If your heart is set on loosing weight, simply eat healthy fruits and vegetables, I promise the weight will automatically come off.

right now raw

Don’t set your exercise goals so big that you can’t reach them. Start small and add, but exercise daily. Remember, you can’t out exercise a bad diet! I love looking back over my last three New Year’s resolutions and seeing that I crushed it! (don’t hate me) I dug in and hit my goals with a fervor and determination, now I am reaping the benefits of my hard work. On this side of the accomplished goals— I must encourage you to set them, reach them, and continue them!  Don’t quit, it’s worth the work! YOU CAN DO IT!

right now raw

My new goals for this year are inspired by the beautiful mountain resort town I live in. I am breaking my goals into seasons; learning to ski, learning to golf, learning to mountain bike, and learning to paddle board. Also, I’m reading one book a month. (I will share with you the books I love ♥)

I think the best way to not get discouraged with your goals is to build a support group, hang out with positive people who can help you, educate yourself on a healthy lifestyle, then dig in and reach your goals!

My winter goal of learning to ski is already becoming easier, much to do with the fact that I did not quit, I watched skiing videos, and I have a great instructor! Thank God for patient friends with buddy passes. This is going to be a great year!

right now raw

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