Nice People, Nice Gift

right now rawMean people suck, but nice people are AMAZING — they have a way of making the world a better place just because they are in it! Dave and I are blessed to have a couple in our lives that are the nicest people you will ever meet. We had the opportunity to spend some time with this lovely couple, we had fun just hiking in the woods and eating good food. These kind friends gave me my favorite present this holiday season, homemade almond milk.

What? I can’t believe I have never made this! First of all, for the past two and a half years of being a raw vegan, I have not had any milk-like products. If you are a raw vegan, vegan, or an omnivore— I just have one question…. Got milk?

right now raw

After spending time with this precious family, I woke up early the next morning eager to try this milk. I crumbled up my raw granola bar, threw in some raw nuts, tossed a few dried cranberries in, then proceeded to pour this beautiful white substance over my creation. Oh my, I am addicted, I admit it! I look for raw food to drown in this unbelievably delicious milk.

right now raw

The best gifts are the ones that show that you truly know what a person will enjoy. I love healthy gifts. I wish I could deliver fresh juice to all of you this Christmas season for hanging in there with me and reading my post, I appreciate you!!!!! Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to be a juice gift giver, but I do plan on finding some who will enjoy an organic fresh juice.

right now raw

My sweet friend shared her almond milk recipe with me. She and I share a love for organic food. Now, I must pass this along to you, be warned; this can be addicting!


  • 1 cup almonds (soaked 12 hours)
  • 3-4 cups water

Blend high-speed, strain through fine strainer, or cheesecloth.You can also throw in a few dates and vanilla in the blender with the almonds.

right now raw

Healthy Holidays♥Right Now Raw





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