Raw in Winter

right now rawI really did not know what to expect when snow began to invade our beautiful little mountain town. Everything changed so quickly, I was just learning to ride my mountain bike on the trails and loving it. There is something about riding a bike that makes me feel like a kid. It is awesome…you should try it! What an amazing way to exercise.

right now raw

Seriously, you can not begrudge the snow up here, not only does it make the mountain a winter wonderland, from what I hear, every snowflake is a dollar and this community thrives because of it. So, being a new mountain woman, I am embracing the snow! I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I have fallen on our steps. (I’m losing count) I keep getting back up and walking more carefully each time.

right now raw

My new exercise this winter is snow shoveling. I have not tried skiing yet, I hope I do better on the slopes than I do on my stairs. I am acquainting myself with the frozen white landscape by hiking and running. Whatever your season is, make sure you exercise daily, do something that makes you feel young and energized, I promise you will not regret it!

I am finding the best raw foods on the mountain, if you come to Big Bear and crave a salad, I highly recommend North Shore Cafe in Fawnskin. If you are a vegetarian or not you will LOVE their grilled cheese and artichoke sandwich.(ask for grilled spinach inside)

Are you ready for my amazing salad? I ordered like normal, I searched the menu for a large salad then had them remove all animal and cooked products. This particular day the sous chef came to our table, introduced himself, and asked why would I strip this salad down to be so boring. When he understood that I was a raw vegan he created for me the BEST salad I have ever had! He sliced apples thinly, threw in several different raw nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, dried fruit, too many vegetables to recall, but man, I was in heaven!!!!! He proceeded to tell me to always ask for him and he would personally see to my salad!

right now raw

Cold weather does not hinder my raw lifestyle at all, and warm kind hearts like this sous chef only makes me love it here more. Give thought to how you nourish your body, it is amazing how much better you feel when you love yourself enough to choose right. Food can be your medicine, but you must take it! Enjoy your life, live better, and don’t forget to exercise like a kid and revive yourself!

right now raw

Embracing Winter ♥Right Now Raw


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