Raw Grandma

right now rawThe best bit of advice I grabbed ahold of when I started this blog was to be consistent. I knew that to connect with readers I needed to be consistent. I feel that this summer I have broken my attention to consistently posting 3 days a week— due to the crazy busy turn my life is going in. (sorry)

Although, I have been inconsistent with my posting I have remained steadfastly adherent to my raw lifestyle. If you have wondered where I have been; let me assure you, I have not been stuffing myself with cooked foods. Bananas and fresh juice remain my top food when time is an issue.

The most exciting thing happened on July 22nd, our first grandchild was born, Wolf David Barnes. Tipping the scales at 7 pounds 15 ounces. I can not describe with words how incredibly happy Little Wolf has made our family. The California side of the family longs to hold this cute little guy, but we are so grateful for FaceTime, smart phones, and a caring Arkansas family that keeps us updated with photos.

right now raw

This raw marmee is in awe of how good God is. Whenever I steal away and watch videos of our grandson (over and over) I am reminded of the plans God has for us and the absolute certainty that His loving kindness is everlasting.

If this summer has you a little inconsistent, don’t fret— be consistent on what matters most.Choose health by making right choices with every meal, spend time with the people you love, and celebrate all the good things in your life.

right now raw

Loving Life ♥Right Now Raw




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