right now rawHave you ever looked at a picture and quickly been taken away in your thoughts imagining what it would be like to be there? And then kind of wishing you were! I think we all have a bit of wanderlust in us. It’s just that we are separated by how we respond to this longing and impulse to wander.

My wonderful husband is full of adventure, exploring, and has a love for the outdoors. This innate behavior has been magnified in our sons. Their feet pretty much travel all over the place from the Sierra Nevada, Nepal, Mexico, Canada, Africa and a lot of other places. It’s the alluring voice of the mountains that they respond to.

Our oldest son, Caleb, and our youngest, Isaac, have a connection to the wilderness that I couldn’t get out of them if I tried. (trust me, I have thought about it) I’m sure we are in good company with other parents whose children’s feet take them to incredible places. The mountains are calling and I must go.— John Muir 

right now rawAs much as I want them to be what I consider “normal”, you know, like live in the suburbs, have babies, and live close enough that I can visit often. It’s never going to happen, and to desire that on my part is simply selfish. I totally get why these boys long for the mountains. I always feel closer to God, refreshed, and strengthened with any amount of time spent in this elevated masterpiece.

Isaac left for the Pacific Crest Trail over a week ago. We’re proud of him, we are excited that he knows who he is, and what he wants. He is planning on hiking about 2,700 miles, he started in Mexico and plans on finishing in Canada. He will not be home for about 4 1/2 months! 😦 I feel like Carole King says it best — Doesn’t anyone stay in one place anymore? 

right now raw

If you can’t beat them, you join them! I wished I had been a little more adventurous in my early years of marriage, because Dave is planning now to follow in Isaac’s footsteps and hike the PCT. We will be in our 60s. (Lord willing) To hike like Ike in our older age should be quite the adventure!

I’m in favor of fleeing youthful lust, but wanderlust is a desire worth giving into. Fulfilling the impulse to be in nature increases your thoughts and will rest your soul. Maybe it’s time to stop daydreaming and start exploring! You can follow Isaac’s adventure on IG @isaacbarneselmejor or on FB as Isaac Barnes. #hikelikeike #PCT2015

right now rawI will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1

Learning to Wander ♥Right Now Raw


6 thoughts on “Wanderlust

    1. Leo, Thank you! You are welcome to join us, but you must know we will be in our late 60’s! 😉 The John Muir trail will be happening soon. (I hope) You know it’s those dumb jobs that get in the way of adventure. Thanks for sharing!

  1. Thank you for sharing, you have a very cool and inspiring family! Both my kids are still young, one in 6th and the other in 7th grade. We try and take them on as many adventures as we can; me of course wanting to watch them wrestle monsters and climb fearlessly the highest of heights while my wife is a bit more nurturing and realistic, often balancing our decisions. I pray daily that I’m able to influence my kids in a way they will have the most fun and greatest impact on the world they’re stepping in to. The journey and adventure of parenting is definitely fun but scary all at once. Thank you for sharing your stories and letting us see a glimpse of some awesomeness!

    Also, thanks for all the tips and articles on healthy eating. The Garden tacos look amazing! Our garden is looking pretty sweet this year and we look forward to some good eats!

    1. Michael, Thank you! I’m sure your sons will love adventure as much as you do. I think it’s great that you and your wife take them climbing.( I met your boys at Hangar :)) How awesome that you take time to enjoy nature with them, that makes for the best kind of kids! Parenting wins hands down for the best most rewarding adventure on earth! Thanks for the encouragement! Vegan Love, Pat

  2. I wish Isaac all the best in his wonderfully long hike. He will be inspired daily, I’m sure. I’ll follow along with his journey on instagram! What a beautiful journey it will be! How wonderful for you to have raised a son with such a sense of adventure.

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