Man Crush

right now rawMy wonderful husband is full aware of my crush on Joe Cross. Well, it’s not really a crush, it’s more like I’m super thankful for his film, Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, that whenever Joe is in Southern California, and our schedule permits, we head out to meet him. It always makes for a great adventure.

This was our second time getting a book signed by Joe. We were running a tiny bit late, but the best part was, so was he! I spotted him in the parking lot and quickly picked up my pace to hopefully enter at the same time. (I know creepy stalker status) Don’t judge me too harshly; it’s JOE THE JUICER!!!!! I did manage to be on the escalator at the same time. I love that my husband puts up with my crazy while taking great pictures for me.♥

If you haven’t watched his films, you should! Watching FSND was the beginning of my lifestyle change, and I haven’t gone back to my old ways. It has been over 3 years of clean eating & juicing for me. No wonder I have a crush, this really works!

right now raw

He has a new book out, Fully Charged, it is a great read, I promise you will be inspired to lead a healthier life. When you know something that can help others, you can’t keep it to yourself, that would be selfish. I love sharing with you what is working in my life, and juicing is a huge part of my lifestyle. If you need some inspiration, direction, and motivation check out everything on rebootwithjoe, you will get fully charged!!!!!!

right now raw Sharing Life ♥Right Now Raw





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