An Apology to Fresh & Easy

right now raw
Years back when Fresh & Easy first hit the West Coast I anticipated their arrival with much excitement! At that time I was trying to find my way to good health, and pretty much I only shopped at Sprouts.The grand opening came and I was not a fan! I did not like all the prepackaged food and to top it off, I had to check myself out! UGH!!!

Now that I am wiser, less snobby, and a raw vegan I love Fresh & Easy! Whenever I walk out of their doors I recall hating this store and wondering why. Where else can I run in late at night and purchase vegan butter, organic produce, or vegan bread? Theses are only a few of the items we purchase from them. They even have raw food products.

I was looking at this store all wrong. I forgot the “Easy” part of their name. I am not going to find raw nuts or organic non gmo products at convenience stores like a 7- Eleven or gas stations, but I can sure find them at Fresh & Easy! I love the variety of healthy food I can find there when I’m in a pinch. How do I go from love to hate so easily?

right now raw

I have laid my snobbishness aside, I truly regret not shopping more at this store, and I continue to find things that surprise me. (raw kraut) Healthy products are not always easy to find, but Fresh & Easy is an asset to any community. If you have one in your neighborhood check them out, it could make your life easier!

right now rawSincerely Sorry, Right Now Raw


2 thoughts on “An Apology to Fresh & Easy

  1. I used to hate Fresh & Easy too. Their prepackaged meals weren’t healthy, but because of the name a lot of people assumed they were. It sounds like they’ve greatly changed what they carry, so I’m excited to give it another go!!

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