Toi Moi

right now rawOur lawn mower breaking was a blessing in disguise. It just so happens that next door to the repair shop is a cute little juice bar that wonderful husband spotted and revisited with me. I love when juice bars start popping up in unexpected places. This is a great sign that more and more people are finding the benefit of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

right now raw

The sweet owners, I am sure, thought I was a bit strange because of my excitement and the constant taking of pictures. English is not their first language, but I did my best to convey that I was thrilled that they were in the neighborhood.

right now raw

There are lots of juices to choose from, my choice is always to build my own, which they graciously accommodated. So fresh, so good, and so affordable. They gave out generous samples of their Italian ice as we waited for our juice. (husband took care of that)

I really want to see small healthy businesses like this one make it. So, if you are in the area swing by and nourish your body with really refreshing juice. Toi Moi is worth the visit.

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