Healthy Propaganda

right now rawHow can I be angry and happy at the same time? I don’t know, but those are the contrary feelings I experience while watching several commercials lately. I love that we are seeing more food products coming out as healthy options, that makes me happy, the angry comes when Del Taco advertises their tacos as a superfood, and they make purple cabbage look disgusting. Who can make beautiful cabbage look awful?….Del Taco!!!! (UGH) Not only that, their commercial makes you feel like they just went to the farm and harvested all of their fresh produce.

The happy part of this is that we are making a difference with our forks and knives! We, as consumers, are eating healthier and that is why there is a shift in advertising for healthier options. Carl’s Jr. is jumping on board with their new Natural Burger (hormone free & grass-fed)…… is this really healthy? No! The best health choice we can make for this new year would be to not eat fast food at all. I know I sound like a hater right now, sorry, they should not have picked on cabbage! 😉

right now raw

70% of diseases that Americans struggle with are preventable. I get so excited when I talk to people who have reversed their Type 2 Diabetes by switching their lifestyle over to clean eating. It is possible! If you have an illness, try changing your diet to vegan, vegetarian, or just simple real food, and give your body a chance to heal. right now raw

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing! I will always share honestly with you how amazing a plant-based diet is. The benefits of health that come as a by-product of this lifestyle is astounding! Del Taco does not offer anything that can nourish your body like real organic food can. Instead of, GO BOLD OR GO HOME, how about, GO HEALTHY & COOK AT HOME. I think that should be my TM.

right now rawKeeping it Real, Right Now Raw



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