Rainy Days and Wednesdays

right now rawI love the rain, but sometimes if I am having a tough day it can seem a little depressing. I could use a little sunshine right now. Gloomy days can bring conflicting thoughts that make it difficult to make right choices. I have learned to overcome bad thoughts by making right choices!

So, it does not really matter if I’m mad, sad, or indifferent. I know my feelings change like the weather, but my strength needs to be constant. Stressful holiday schedules can make it easy to eat poorly, but I have found a secret; find a juice bar! Fresh juice is fast food and cold pressed juices have become ubiquitous. My pick for this rainy Wednesday is Jamba Juice.right now rawThere is nothing like nourishing your body with real food to remedy a bad day. If you are anything like me and you have stormy emotions, drown them in fresh juice! I promise it feels better afterward than bingeing on junk food.

right now rawFeeling Better, Right Now Raw


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