Raw Enchiladas 118 degrees

right now rawMy second visit to 118 degrees was even more enjoyable than my first. We were fortunate enough to have the same helpful server, but the menu had been updated. There were a few new things that I was eager to try. To my relief, the pesto mushrooms were still there and delicious as ever!

right now rawI am sure these beautiful mole enchiladas were always on the menu, they just escaped my eye, but oh my goodness, they are to die for! The spicy sauce with coconut tortillas filled with all my favorite vegetables pretty much makes me want to learn to create better raw food dishes. I am thinking I need to take some cooking classes from these chefs. Does anyone want to join me?

right now raw

Back to the awesomeness, my lunch dates loved the Raw Nachos and the Portobello Tacos.

I don’t indulge in high fat desserts often, but this raw paradise is an exception.We ordered truffle cake pops, chocolate cheesecake, and a banana dolce. I loved the banana dessert! I am a fan of bananas!♥

I recommend revisiting healthy restaurants, like 118 degrees, that are committed to using seasonal organic food. The menus will change according to the availability of fresh produce. How awesome is that? Fresh live vibrant food is the best, and to be able to share that with people you love in a charming little restaurant is amazing!

right now rawEnjoying  Healthy, Right Now Raw


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