Say Nothing

right now rawAm I the only one who has asked a woman if she was pregnant and she was NOT? I will never forget how awful that moment was! No matter what I said afterwards it was so awkward that I wanted to disappear. It was at that time that I vowed to NEVER ask a woman about her baby, unless she was holding it in her arms! It has been over 30 years and I have not repeated that horrible mistake.

Unfortunately, I recently made another blunder with my words, but this time it was a really nice man. (ugh!) We were climbing in Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas for two days. Both days this gentleman joined us with two of the cutest little girls I have ever seen. They looked to be 5 & 6, so naturally I told him how adorable they were and then proceeded to ask if they were his grandchildren. He laughed loudly, then graciously told me they were his children. Once again I wanted to disappear, sometimes I should simply say nothing!

right now raw

The interesting thing about this new acquaintance is obviously he has a beautiful young wife. (I did not dare ask) He is quite wealthy because he did talk about his homes, and he was driving a super nice Lexus. What got my attention was not his wealth, but his health. He is 63, and he is in excellent shape. He works out twice a day every day!

I am sad that once again my conversation brought about another uneasy situation for someone, but I am glad I met him. If working out 2 times a day can make a man, who is 10 years older than me, look that fit, with energy to be an active father to two young children, I think I will bump up my exercising. I realized by observing this father that I want to work hard in my 50’s so I can feel awesome in my 60’s!

Taking a peek into the future is motivating. What do you want to look and feel like ten years from now? Eating clean with lots of fresh organic vegetables and fruits plus exercising more than you do now can shape your future self!

photo-240 Awkwardly Living, Right Now Raw



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