When Life Clicks

right now rawThe amazing thing about sharing my lifestyle with others is that once in a while someone is helped. I know becoming a raw vegan has brought providential healing to my body. I have moments where I stop and cherish the fact that I am no longer sick. Suddenly, self awareness rises to the surface, and I want to laugh and cry at the same time, because this lifestyle REALLY WORKS!!!!

I have one friend in particular that I am really excited about. She has had a juicer for a while, but just recently it clicked, and she’s pursuing health with a fervor. Her husband is battling cancer so her decision to change their lifestyle is all the more significant.

I have had other friends jump on board for at least 3 months or a 30 pound weight loss, but they lose interest for whatever reason and quit. When this happens, I am thankful for the opportunity to help, and I hope they return to healthy life choices.

Now back to my friend, she has immersed herself in books and films about nutrition. I know she gets it because she is changing! It is one thing to know what is right, and it is another to do what is right. She is beautiful, intelligent, driven, and she will be passing me up in no time! Nothing could make me happier. 🙂

An important part of success for a healthy lifestyle is to educate yourself. I wanted to share a few resources with you, because if you are not sure, these could help you decide to make some positive changes.

Eating a plant-based organic diet is a great way to fight carcinogens in your body. I get so excited every time I hear of someone crossing over to the clean side of life. We don’t have to wait to get cancer to fight it , we can fight it NOW…. by eating right!

right now raw Living What I Believe, Right Now Raw




2 thoughts on “When Life Clicks

  1. Fabulous news about your friend changing her diet👍👍👍 may I suggest the film, Healing Cancer from the Inside Out, second edition by Mike Anderson.
    She’d want to watch it with her husband. There is a great deal of info to take in and process!! I actually watched it 3 times to catch everything and to understand it properly.
    Peace & Raw Health,

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