A Skinny Minute

right now rawI know that in a skinny minute I am going to turn around and be 60! For this cause I was determined to pause and enjoy every moment of my 53rd birthday. (I kind of celebrated all week)

right now rawright now raw

The best part of my celebration was when “the originals” (all 6 kids) came over. This doesn’t happen often but when it does, it is crazy! Crazy in a great way, our home is filled with laughter, reminiscences of childhood, and really good food. The whole family ate an entirely raw dinner from appetizer to dessert. All were satisfied, and only one snuck away for a burrito. I love the support my family is to my raw vegan lifestyle.

right now raw

Back to the big 53, my younger self thought at this age that I would be more mature, smarter, and a grandmother! None of these things happened. But, the one thing my younger self never imagined was that I would feel healthier, being a little over a half of a century, than I did in my twenties. I will chalk it up to her youthful inexperience.

right now raw

I have a few life scriptures that are dear to me, as I sit here writing as an older woman, Ps.16:11 resonates deep in my heart, You will make known to me the path of life; and in Your presence is fullness of joy. I am incapable of feeling ancient, only grateful to have lived this long. I no longer stumble in the dark trying to find my way to health. I have attained what I have sought after. I am finally on the right path. If you are trying to find your way to better health, start with your next meal. Don’t give up, keep going in the direction of clean eating, and you CAN become healthier!

right now raw Overwhelmingly Grateful To Be Right Now Raw


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