Parallel Life

right now raw

Teaching our last child how to drive is making me feel a bit nostalgic as I watch our nest empty out. Six children seem like a lot, but when they grow up it seems like no big thing!

I asked my husband if he would help me out by teaching Lori how to parallel park because he is so good at it. He can park anywhere. As for me, I can not park to save my life. I thought maybe I should jump in on this tutelage since I am 52, and I have no clue of how to parallel park. I was totally up for the challenge.

right now raw

Parking update: Vegan daughter is parking like a boss and I am right there with her! How simple this is once you learn. Instead of learning this useful technique, I avoided every tight parking spot, then I would practically park in another city and walk to avoid a challenging spot. Now, I can park on a dime, no kidding, I am looking for places to squeeze my Subaru into.

Why did I not learn this earlier? What is it that makes us not want to learn something that makes our lives easier? In my opinion we get comfortable with our lives, the thought of change is uncomfortable. We get accustomed to wanting everything easy, nothing difficult, and no tight spots!

right now rawA healthy lifestyle change does not sound easy, it seems difficult, and it will tighten your life up a little (and your waistline). The benefits far outweigh the sacrifice! I want to encourage you to take time to learn, really check out what is in your food, and the choices you are making. It can bring about a freedom you never realized you could have.

Good health is simple to follow, but not always easy to start. Starting with knowledge and understanding of how great organic fruits and vegetables are for you will get you going in the right direction. I love that my life choices parallel optimal health. I follow people who are living like me and experiencing the same health benefits that I am, our paths will most likely never cross, yet we are going in the same direction.

right now raw

It is easy to get comfortable with being unhealthy, but rise to the challenge and learn new ways to be healthy. You will LOVE what it adds to your life! What lifestyle do you feel parallels your life?

right now rawEquidistantly Living, Right Now Raw



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