Mediterranean Goodness

fresh fridayI love to try new places that are vegan friendly. This restaurant is surprisingly in horse country, usually in this area meat and potatoes are the most popular food choices. I understand that because when we had our ranch with horses, I served meat with almost every meal, so I get it. It just goes together, or does it?

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When healthy restaurants start popping up, change is happening! This is why Kaza Maza Mediterranean Grill got my attention. Their menu is labeled with V= vegetarian, V+= vegan (no worries cowboy there is plenty of meat on this menu) I just love their effort of giving vegan options and for that I am giving them a shout out!  As for me I will drive the distance to make a healthy choice, but Norco is not far from me so I will definitely be returning.

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Over the years I have eaten steaks at this same location, but there is no trace of the former occupants. This place has been delightfully remodeled and it is spotless. When it comes to Mediterranean food we are ignorant, thankfully our server was more than willing to help us choose correctly.

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This is how our lunch experience went down: I enjoyed a Fattoush Salad it was super fresh. Wonderful Husband had a little bit of everything on a vegetarian  sampler platter, loved the hummus and tabouleh. Vegan Daughter devoured the Falafel Sandwich. For the most part everything we ordered was delicious, with the exception of Potatoes Maza, the family didn’t care for that side. Definitely a restaurant worth visiting. We have already been back to pick up more falafel sandwiches!

The great thing about this grill is that a Mediterranean diet is proven to be a heart healthy eating plan. Researchers are also finding that this diet is associated with reducing the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. The next time you are in the mood to eat out try a Mediterranean restaurant, I think you will love it!

I want to thank my friend, Jen, for sharing this awesome dining spot with me. I love finding healthy, share with me your favorite places for clean eating!right now rawSearching & Living Right Now Raw









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