Unexpected Fruit

right now rawI am having so much fun with my garden. If only I had started this earlier I could be quite the accomplished gardener! We started this project with a truck load of organic soil, organic plants, and not any knowledge about gardening.

It is going wonderfully, but I was not planning on growing melons by the pool. Out of nowhere, in the rockiest hard soil you can imagine, we have cantaloupe!!!

right now raw

I know that the seeds are organic because we were composting in the very back of the property, but we soon quit due to the fact that we were clueless of how to manage such an undertaking. Obviously some seeds were deposited into this patch of soil. When we watered the tree, we watered the seeds, and now we have unexpected fruit. Incredibly simple, I love it!

right now raw

As my husband was putting up a small redneck looking makeshift fence to keep our dog out, I thought about how beautifully these melons are growing in such a difficult place. It reminds me of how in the most difficult times in our lives we can have good come out of us. There is no reason for our circumstances to make us difficult, bitter, or miserable.

right now raw

I love that we are protecting these  melons, although it looks ugly to have this green mesh surrounding them, it’s more important to safeguard the fruit than to worry about the aesthetics of our yard. I want to care more about what is going on with the inside of me than how I appear outwardly.  I want to protect the good that I have learned through my difficult times, this little unattractive fence is a reminder for me to never forget where I have come from.

Living with sickness is rocky ground, I never want to take for granted the good health I am experiencing now. I am so thankful that God put me on a path of lifestyle change that has healed me from the inside out.

Changing your lifestyle can be as simple as the melons growing in my yard. Start nourishing your body with real food. It is not as hard as you may think to get healthy. Simply start by making the right choice with every meal.  I can not keep quiet about how awesome this life- style is. You CAN do it!

right now raw

Remembering and Living Right Now Raw




2 thoughts on “Unexpected Fruit

  1. I love this post! Such a beautiful analogy, thanks Pat. Although…please tell me that’s not what you wear when you garden…lol

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