Pea Green With Envy

right now rawUntil this past week, no one has ever asked me to water a garden. My neighbor, who is known for her green thumb, asked me to care for her plants while she was away. I felt honored that she trusted me because I am known to kill plants not grow them.

right now raw

We have lived in this house for six years, and our only neighborly duty has been to collect their mail. This request must have something to do with my luscious little Garden of Eden that she can see through her fence. Whatever the reason I was happy to do it, but I was a little apprehensive that I might kill something while they were away.

right now raw

I had never seen her garden, I had only heard of its greatness. I was expecting my little green friend, Envy, to join me as I crossed over the fence to water each day. WOW, her corn is three times the size of mine. Boysenberries line her back fence, her boxes are teeming with peas, tomatoes, peppers, squash, herbs, and she has fruit trees! I almost forgot, she also has a rose garden. I have found that I can grow rose leaves, not roses. UGH! This backyard, to say the least, is impressive!

right now raw

To my surprise I was not envious! I have learned that the feelings of envy are made by people not things. I am amazed by the abundance of what she is growing in her backyard! This has inspired me to plant more and use every inch of ground if necessary. Mostly I want to plant what I LOVE!

Hands on learning always works best for me. When my kids want to climb better they climb with rock climbers that are better and stronger than them. They quickly improve and become stronger. My neighbor’s garden has taught me plenty. I am looking forward to the new planting season and I will not shy away from garden variety.

The most valuable lesson I learned from this experience is that I am way too happy with what I have to be envious of those who have more!

right now raw

Contently living right now raw 🙂




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