Tenacious For Life

right now raw

Have you ever had a quick project that turned into a long frustrating ordeal? I just recently experienced a day like this, and it drove me a bit crazy! My carpet shampooer quit! This is one household device I cherish. In the little rental house that we live in, a carpet cleaner is a necessity.

right now raw

My wonderful husband was willing to help me fix it, I sold him on the idea that it would only take about ten minutes to trouble shoot the problem, I was confident that we would be up and running in no time!

6 hours, 3 YouTube videos, and 2 stores later, we finally called time of death. This Bissel was headed to the dump, all the new cleaning products headed back to the store for refund, because I QUIT!

The next morning I woke up with fresh ideas of how I could possibly still use it. I did not want this appliance to beat me. For example I tried using the upholstery attachment to clean the carpet, at least then I could stay on top of the dirt. My greatest idea came when I kicked it and prayed at the same time.

right now raw

My younger son was an eye-witness to the previous day’s labor, he suggested that I stop wearing myself out and accept the fact that it’s BROKEN! I felt determined, so I kept fighting with it, and then all of a sudden soapy beautiful water began to flow. I kept the machine on until the entire house had been cleaned. (it’s a small house)

I learned something valuable  from this frustrating day. There is nothing broken in our lives that God can not fix! Tenacity is a great quality. My health was broken and now it is fixed, I have watched broken marriages fixed, difficulties with children fixed.

I don’t know what is broken in your life maybe it’s finances, family, trust? I know I have a few broken things that need to be fixed in my life. So, I am developing a tenacious spirit to help me through. If we give up when things seem hopeless, we can miss out on all the good that has been set aside for us to enjoy.

right now raw

I have been a tenacious eater, I have adhered to a lifestyle and not let go for 11 months, and I tell you the results are astounding! I want to let go of what is bad in my life and cling to what is good, no matter how frustrating it gets. Now I will, thanks to my Bissel reminding me,  use that same tenacity in the broken areas of my life.

Persistently living right now raw.


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