Educate Yourself

Right now rawI care so much about what is in my food. The more I learn, the more I want to share with others. Knowing what food is best for me and only eating fresh organic food is what helped me overcome poor health.

I think the most frustrating thing is trying to make healthy choices only to be tricked by marketing, labeling, and basically lies! I have learned to not buy products that advertise 100% natural. Always look for the organic seal and you will be safer.

A friend shared with me about a blog, Food Babe, this woman is incredible! She investigates harmful ingredients in food. Not only does she investigate, but she petitions. She has been successful in making restaurants change by removing toxic chemical foods from their menus.

right now raw

I want to share her Subway video with you. I can’t tell you how many times I ate at Subway as a vegetarian thinking I was making a fresh choice!

If you are serving Kraft Mac and Cheese to your family, I would urge you to check out her research on Kraft. It is on her blog and worth the time, but more than that, your family is worth it!

Hungry for Change recognized Food Babe’s work and added to the list of more restaurants that serve breads that contain Azodicarbonamide.

right now raw

 I am certainly not smart enough to do all of this research, but I am smart enough to pass it on to you! I know that learning about food is what helped get me to a place of optimal health and I want you to get to your desired health!

I am thankful for Food Babe and others who are doing the work so that we can benefit by making right choices. I love being right now raw because I only have one label to look for, and that is ORGANIC!

right now rawThe one who guards his mouth preserves his life. Proverbs 13:3


8 thoughts on “Educate Yourself

  1. I also recently discovered food babe. So very interesting. Pat can you share what is the best way to wash fruit and veggies?

    1. Sue, I have never used the veggie washes. I only buy organic so just water works for me. I do leave everything how it came from the farm and wash it when I am ready to eat it. Food Babe is awesome, right? Thanks for reading it means a lot!!!!!

  2. Wow! This is great info, thanks for sharing. Between this and the high sodium restaurants feel they need to have, it makes eating out a difficult choice. On the positive side it also allows us to make conscious decisions about our food and nutrition. Love your blog. Thanks again.

      1. What!? Bummer Pat, I thought the Subway veggie sandwich gave me permission to feel self righteous. Back to the drawing board.

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