Fad to Fit

right now raw

It’s crazy how opposite fad diets are to healthy lifestyle changes. When I first started eating raw the goal was to eat as much as I could, then even more bites, so I could expand my stomach to hold more nutritionally dense foods. Which is the opposite of the popular gastric banding surgeries which bands the stomach in two parts leaving a narrow channel between which slows digestion and causes the patient to only eat 1\2 cup – 1 cup of food before feeling full or sick. (YIKES! I want to go eat 10 bananas) This mentality of shrinking the stomach so less food in means more weight off is pretty extreme considering we need food!

right now raw

Calories are something a low-fat raw vegan never has to calculate. Where as fad diets are always counting calories. I’ve seen chocolate kisses counted as a 100 calorie snack. I say, kiss the chocolate good-bye and eat fruit!

right now raw

I remember going on a fad diet because I wanted to get sugar out of my diet. The odd thing about this diet is that they instruct you to eat bananas when they are green because they have less sugar. I have since learned why this is not good for me, bananas should be eaten when they are ripe and spotted. When you eat a ripe banana all of the starches have been converted to simple sugars and are more easily absorbed by the body. Simple sugars feed the cells in the body.right now raw

Learning to eat ripe fruit has been a learning process for me. At times, my banana stash can be frustrating because the organic bananas in the stores are green. I have learned to be patient and wait for spots. No spots; no bananas. 😦

I did encounter a woman at Sprouts who came over to me and commented that I took all the ripe  organic bananas. (I left like 5) I made my apologies and invited her to shop out of my buggy and she DID! Oh-my, the adventures I have at Sprouts! Amazing produce makes amazing food. Food that is in season, locally grown, and organic is the best way to nourish your body.

right now raw

Patience is a virtue that being right now raw has tested. But I am a believer in letting patience have her perfect work!

right now raw


2 thoughts on “Fad to Fit

  1. I’m so happy I found your blog 🙂
    Right now I’m vegan/ vegetarian and soon one day by the end of this year I will be a raw vegan.
    I buy as much as I can organic but sometimes there aren’t many options in Quebec in a rural areas like where I live. All we have is an IGA in town.

    But I love me some bananas !!! On my blog (feel free to visit and leave a comment :))) I have not yet posted about my lifestyle changes because quite honestly I’m scared of criticism. But I have a bunch of drafts labeled as GMV ; girl meets vegan, and when I have fully and proudly become a raw vegan the series will end with GMVL; Girl meets vegan lifestyle.
    Hopefully you can be one of my supporters, I need to connect to more vegans since legit everyone I know in person is a meat eater and if you even suggest not eating meat it is like you are not normal :/
    Anyways peace!

    1. Amber, I have just become one of your supporters! How awesome! Quebec is a beautiful place to live, but I can see how the raw lifestyle could be challenging for you. I will be looking forward to reading your GMVL!
      Thanks for sharing!

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