Biggest Fan

Nothing makes me feel old like my wedding anniversary does! When my in-laws celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary my young self thought they were “ancient!” This year I will be celebrating my 33rd wedding anniversary….that would make me “extra ancient!”

It’s hard to feel too bad about the years rolling by because I have been happily married for ALL of them. This happiness has everything to do with my husband being wonderful, and he is my biggest fan! Now that I am a raw vegan I feel his support all the more.

He is the one who has made me jump off cliffs into yucky water with snakes, rappel down waterfalls, and climb mountains that I never thought possible. I have changed my lifestyle, but his support has made it easier. He always wanted me to start a blog and I never wanted to. ( just like jumping off a cliff ) My girls set me up on WordPress and gave me a push! It’s easier to jump into new things when you have someone on your side that knows you can do it even if you feel you can’t.

I say all of this to set you up to hear from my biggest fan. With Valentine’s Day around the corner I thought it would be fun for you to hear from my husband. He has made so many changes in his lifestyle. He is not a vegan or vegetarian yet our home is a meat free zone! Every day he makes more vegetarian choices than meat choices and I can see he enjoys it.

We are sitting in Starbucks having tea while we are talking about this interview and I have to admit, I am one lucky girl!

right now raw

Q:  What has been the best health benefit you have noticed due to eating less meat and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables?

A:  When Pat asked me if I would mind answering a few questions I was hoping that they would only require a yes or no answer. Well, I guess the teacher in her would not allow that.  Here we go, I don’t know if I can narrow it down to the one best benefit. I have several that I have noticed. First would be the weight loss, over the last 8 months I have lost over 20 lbs.  I also had been taking acid blockers for my acid reflux for over 15 years and after 1 week of eating right I stopped taking them altogether. Lastly, I really believe that my energy level has increased, I still am tired at the end of the day but I don’t feel like dying at 3pm everyday.

Q:  How do you adjust your lifestyle choice when you are at work or out with friends?

A:  In some ways I guess that I have become a snob, I will eat lunch by myself where as before I would go to Bakers or some other fast food place.  They say confession is good for the soul, so I will confess to slipping up now and again. But even if I do go to my “old” favorite taco shop I will still try to eat a “healthier” choice as well as not eat the same amount of food that I used to. Instead of trying to eat a healthy meal occasionally, I try to always eat a healthy meal. I don’t find myself craving the old ways, and I really look forward to that crisp salad and Lima Bean soup 🙂

Q:  Having both your parents die of cancer, do you feel being pro-active with the quality of your food is important?

A:  My mom died when she was 63 and my dad died 4 years later at the age of 70.  Three of our six kids never even knew my mom and two didn’t know grandpa so I have always felt a little cheated when it comes to Grandparents.  Nobody enjoyed being a grandma more than my mom, she was amazing and I definitely want to make sure that Pat and I do whatever we can to be around for our grandkids, EVEN THOUGH WE DONT HAVE ANY YET….. I am glad that I have finally gotten on the healthy train and I really don’t even miss most of the menu and the new menu is amazing.  I am not perfect, but I do believe that I am making choices that God willing will help me to enjoy a long and healthy life surrounded by those I love.

right now rawI loved talking with Dave, and I hope you got a glimpse of how it’s not about being raw as much as it is about making right choices with each meal! I love being right now raw, but I love even more watching my family become healthier!


6 thoughts on “Biggest Fan

  1. Thanks for sharing, Dave. Pat, please share what you pack for his lunches. We are also trying to make healthy changes in our eating habits. Packing lunch is a challenge since I want to be sure Doug has plenty to keep him fueled for his work day.

    1. Lisa, We love packing fresh fruit like bananas, tangerines, and fresh vegetable and fruit juice. Nice big salads are always a great option. Nuts are good snacks, but they are high in fat so a small serving is best. Fruit is a fast food to eat and it is DELICIOUS! I hope this helps, thanks for reading the blog.

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog…but aren’t you aging us a little? I thought you were married the same year as Us, just 2 weeks before? Seeing as were were married in 1981 ~ in Oct 2014 we’ll be married 33 years. We’re on our 32 year of marriage! We’re old ~ but don’t speed it along! 🙂

    1. Donna, You are right! Dave came home and told me he liked my post, but I had our anniversary date wrong. I do the same thing with my age. I love that you are reading my blog. Thanks for the encouragement it really means a lot! I will fix the date and yes we are old!!!!!!!

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