Fresh Friday- Juice

Right now raw

Nothing starts the weekend off better than juice! I love making juice with family and friends. I want to share a few tips with you to make your juicing experience easier. My friends shared with me that they were peeling their oranges by hand, but using a knife to cut off the rind is faster.

Right now raw

Now we can not forget about the pineapple, we add pineapple to all of our juices because it is delicious! Also, use a serrated knife for this to make it easier to cut off the top, bottom and then sides. If the core is soft it will juice just fine, if it is hard cut it out.

I was super excited to find organic mangoes at Sprouts this week. A great way to cut mangoes is in this square pattern.

One thing about hanging out with me is that you will either be in pictures or you will be taking pictures. I want to thank my girls for always being patient with me and my friend, Gretchen, for being a beautiful model. My photos are better this week thanks to my friend, Pam! I hope you make your weekend more wonderful by enjoying some fresh juice with friends! I know I will be drinking lots of juice because I’m  right now raw.

Right now raw


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