Live Simply

right now rawSelf preservation is a strong instinct. The very first blog I published I remember thinking… now I am seriously right now raw… the next thought was… what in the world am I going to eat? After 5 months of eating completely raw I realize that I am never hungry, unsatisfied, or in want of fresh produce. It must be that pulse of self-preservation that keeps my home full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Right now raw

To be honest, when I am packing all that goodness in my car, or pulling it around in my wagon, I am so aware of a gratefulness deep inside of me. I am thankful for all of the abundance of food that is available for us here in the U.S. and to narrow that down a little, in California.

I have always been appreciative for food, but now that I eat mono-meals of raw food I am all the more grateful! I know how truly blessed I am to have such high quality food effortlessly available for me. I never want to take that for granted.

Right now raw

My husband and youngest son, Isaac, just returned home from an eight-day mission trip in Mexico with Power Ministry.  Hearing their stories of the poverty that the  families live in is heartbreaking. All the basic needs that I feel entitled to everyday they live without. I believe if I can do more, then I should do more. These trips are so awesome for our family because it helps keep our perspective on others and not just ourselves.

I love that Isaac is learning Spanish, he is planning a return trip because he saw the needs, and he will not be satisfied until he can do something to help. That is why it is important that there are non-profit organizations out there caring for hungry people and we can be helpful in meeting some of their needs through them. I want to learn to live more simply so others can simply live, but that desire gets swallowed up in my everyday life.

right now raw

The first photo of this post is a church building in Mexico, because a bunch of men cared about others, now this church has a permanent structure. We can not help what family we are born into, but we can help poor families. Being right now raw helps me to be thankful for a myriad of food available for my family and a desire to care for the needs of others.

right now raw


2 thoughts on “Live Simply

    1. Thank you Sue. Isaac is leaving in two weeks to help in an orphanage that he visited while he was in Mexico. He will be gone for two months. Please pray for him. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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