Freedom in Raw

right now rawChanging my lifestyle over to being a raw vegan has brought me so many unexpected surprises. I am still in awe of how healthy I feel, and the amount of energy I have at 52 years old is amazing! I feel as though my life has become so much easier. The freedom I have in eating simple mono-meals is a blessing.

right now raw

My dinner 3 baskets of strawberries!

One awesome benefit of eating raw is that I do not have to drink as much water because of the high water content in fresh raw fruits and vegetables. When food is cooked the water is removed. The recommended daily allowance of water per day is to drink one half of your body weight in ounces. I always wanted to weigh less because then I would not have to drink so much water! It was tiresome for me, and I never did accomplish the task of drinking the water I had measured out for the day. This recommendation is necessary due to the dehydration caused by the toxins in our food. Now can you see why I  no longer chug water down all day long?

right now raw

All you water drinkers out there, don’t get angry with me. Keep drinking, water is AWESOME! I just love the freedom of not having the pressure to flush out so many toxins. It is important to dilute the toxins we produce while exercising, so water is the BEST choice after work-outs.

One of the symptoms of dehydration is fatigue. Statistics show that 75% of the population is dehydrated, I most certainly was in that group, no wonder I have so much more energy as a raw vegan. If you are looking for ways to stay hydrated consider eating more fresh raw fruits and vegetables. You will notice the difference and they are absolutely delicious!right now raw

I love that the raw food I eat contains pure awesome water that can hydrate my body in an incredible way. I am certainly not against drinking water, I believe alkaline water is helping a lot of people. The raw vegan that I am, with my tiny bladder, is quite happy with the increased water in my food. Water is the only thing I consume that is warm, so I really enjoy it, but I no longer feel the need to measure it out and guzzle it down all day long. I drink at my leisure and this is just another perk of being right now raw!

right now raw


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