Here Comes the Sun

right now rawBeing a hard core stoner chick during the 70’s I could never seem to pass a PE class. That was the easiest class to pass, but I never wanted to change into those dumb PE clothes. My legs were way to white and I was too cool (insecure) to let those baby whites be the object of any ridicule, so I simply didn’t dress out and I took the F. You have to realize that back then vampires were not the sexy popular obsession that they are today. Translucent white skin is pretty much what I had, thanks to my Southern belle blood, and I didn’t like it!

There was not an importance to put on sun screen. We used baby oil and stayed out all day by the pool only later to find a horrible sunburn. I regret all the over exposure to the sun that I put my skin through in my youth. I must confess in my 40s I was a fake and baker! (ugh, I am embarrassed)

I started noticing a difference in my skin since I changed my lifestyle. Typically for me 15 minutes out in the direct sun and I would have a sunburn, but now I don’t burn. I also noticed my skin is not translucent white it actually has some color all the time. I know what you’re  thinking…. It’s all those carrots I drink everyday…. and you are right!

I wanted to check it out and I found a study stating that beta-carotene does protect against sunburn. The research showed that taking beta-carotene for 10 weeks in amounts of 57 mg per day protected against sunburn. One cup of carrot juice has about 22 mg of beta-carotene.  Researchers stated that the SPF of beta-carotene is 4.  No wonder I am noticing changes in my skin since I devour over 3 cups of fresh delicious carrot juice a day for over a year! I just fell in love with carrots all over again!

right now raw

I have several friends that shared with me that they are deficient in vitamin D. I wondered why that seems to be a common deficiency and I found that 3 out of 4 Americans suffer from it.  Most vitamin D deficiency is caused by lack of outdoor sun exposure. Overexposure to the sun is bad, but controlled unprotected sun exposure is actually good for you. Sun exposure is the most reliable way to generate vitamin D in your own body.

right now rawBeach day with the kids!

 A good thing to work on this year with your lifestyle change is to spend some time outdoors. Three to four days a week for fifteen minutes a day will give you what you need.  I believe our modern indoor lives and the fact that we will not step outside without sunscreen on is why this deficiency is on the rise! 

It sounds easy to only spend 15 minutes outside, but I find I have to really make an effort to achieve it. What works for me is eating my lunch outside, washing my own car, driving with my sun roof open,  shopping outdoors, and reading outdoors. It’s worth the effort and it is calming for your soul!

right now raw My favorite lunch spot to eat my bananas.

I love that God created the sun before man and when He did create man He placed him right smack dab in the middle of nature! It all makes sense to me of how important our connection to nature is.

It has been proven scientifically that eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables helps protect from sun damage. I am proof of that and that is why I love being right now raw!

right now raw


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