Treat Yo Self

Educating my six children at home has been a wonderful experience for me but algebra not so much! I was one lesson ahead of my oldest son, and then when it was time to teach the second child, I found myself tripped up on the same lessons with her and it was frustrating. I conquered the problem but by the time the next year rolled around I forgot the formula. So, I wised up and wrote notes to my future self all over that math book! I wrote things out simply so that I could understand and trigger my memory. That was the best thing I ever did for my remaining students. I wished I would have written notes to myself about diets and emotional eating.

A few things I learned from my mom are, when life sucks go shopping, and when you are depressed eat whatever you want. When life is good, go shopping and eat whatever you want. These are not healthy coping mechanisms!

treat yo self

When I was tripped up and frustrated on a diet I didn’t have a note to jog my memory to stay calm and eat right. Instead, I found myself doing really good for a while and then I would eat one bowl of Lucky Charms which turned into five bowls. (it was a small bowl) My thought process at this point was, now that I am  bingeing, just QUIT! Diets did not work for me.

I would get a handle on my diet and start to have some success then my thoughts turned towards rewarding myself. That reward always had something to do with food. This type of reward system never really helped me, it only hindered me.

I have retrained myself of what it means to treat yourself. My treats now consist of fresh juice from a juice bar, salad from my favorite restaurant, reading a book, eating my lunch outside in the sunshine, or by loving my body enough to take time out to do yoga. These rewards keep me going in the right direction. The other rewards frozen yogurt, pizza, excessive shopping, etc..took me backwards and then forwards. Being tossed back and forth by every new diet was not healthy. I love the stability my life has when there is a consistent direction towards optimal health.

right now rawPaula has reached over 40% of her goal!

I am so proud of my sister, Paula, who has just lost 30 pounds! She is committed to eating clean and losing weight. Paula has set some goals and when she hits them she is going to treat herself. When she looses fifty pounds she is purchasing an airline ticket to Georgia to visit our family. (I can’t wait to drive her to the airport) Together we celebrate her weight loss. I get excited about every ounce she looses! We encourage each other daily. We are crazy about our food and we send pictures of what we are eating. Lots of my friends send me pictures of their food choices and I love it!

Right Now RawMy husband’s friend sent this to him. 🙂

We have celebrated our accomplishments by going into Orange County and shopping at Whole Foods. One weekend we attended a food demo by Native Foods in Tustin. It was so much fun, we met a really cool chef, and received awesome recipes. The best part about these treats is that none of them caused our bathroom scale to loose direction of our goals.

right now raw This is Chef Kendall Huff

I know that if you are just starting a lifestyle change you might have a lot of weight to loose and it can be discouraging if the weight doesn’t come off as speedily as you want. Just remember every meal that you make right choices pushes you in the right direction. If you fall down get back up and keep going towards your ultimate health, the reward is worth way more than the sacrifices. That is what keeps me right now raw.

Right Now Raw


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