Becoming Raw

Road trips are awesome! When our children were younger we went on a few. The excitement of packing up all six children for a fun vacation to a place where they had never been before was priceless. Dave and I were as excited as the kids. Not even 15 minutes down the road the questions would start,”Are we almost there?”… “I have to go to the bathroom”… “How much longer”… “He’s touching me”…”I’m hungry”. In the life of the kids they were excited but it was taking an eternity to get there.  In the life of the parents traveling with this brood, it seemed like beyond eternity!

The magical part of the road trip is when we would arrive at our destination, all of the sudden I was no longer annoyed.  The kids buckled in the back seat no longer seemed like the spawn of Satan but they were the cutest angelic things ever. Excitement filled my being and I was ready to run on the beach, hike up a mountain, or jump on the hotel’s bed. We had arrived and all the annoyances had vanished!

right now raw

Family trip to Zion in 2012

That describes how I feel about being a LFRV. (Low Fat Raw Vegan) I feel like I am on a vacation and there is so much excitement, joy, and energy in me it is hard to contain it. I want to soak it all in and enjoy every minute.

The first time I ever heard of a raw diet my daughter, Jessie, shared with me about her coworkers who would eat raw for months. She commented on how their food was incredible. I did not really understand raw veganism. I could not wrap my brain around why they would recreate a brownie by soaking nuts, seeds, etc. I had arrived at a place in my life where I did not eat brownies! So why would healthy people need a brownie substitute? Just eat a bowl of strawberries, right? I did not want to recreate all the unhealthy foods I use to eat I just simply wanted to make a healthy choice.

right now raw

Jessie decided to eat one raw meal a week and I decided to join her because she is amazing! After our first raw day we were both amazed at how we felt. We continued this pattern until I noticed how much better I felt and that my belly was becoming flatter. How can this be? I was already eating so healthy nothing passed my lips unless it was organic and I juiced one meal a day for over a year. I thought I was at optimal health and now I feel so much better. I was motivated by this new level of wellness so we added another raw day until we were at three raw days a week. The results I was experiencing were shocking to me. I had so much energy, no cravings, better sleep, no symptoms of arthritis, and did I mention the flatter tummy?

right now raw

This is Jessie she helps me keep my perspective.

I had to search this out, why was this happening? It is kinda fun to investigate feeling good instead of always searching out symptoms of sickness. I stumbled across Fully Raw Kristina. I learned so much from watching her YouTube videos. She is inspiring! She had Dr. Douglas Graham on one of her shows and hearing him explain the 80/10/10 diet is when it all began to make sense as to why I was feeling so great.

I received his book, The 80/10/10 Diet, devoured it, and determined to be 100% raw. I am so glad that I learned from the beginning about LFRV instead of HFRV (High Fat Raw Vegan) because I could have really gone astray with all the high fat gourmet vegan lifestyles. Don’t get me wrong , I love HFRV and I adore their restaurants, I just am not wired to excel on a high fat diet.

right now raw

One thing I have noticed being new to this food community is there are a lot of different camps. I want to coexist with all of them and encourage one another to pursue health. I was never this vocal about being a vegetarian. As a matter of fact, I never told many people because I wanted to avoid being labeled. Now, I want to shout it from the roof tops because I see Providence working in my life, line upon line, if my sharing can help one person like Jessie sharing with me led me to Fully Raw, then to 80/10/10 on to optimal health, how can I keep silent? It is the trickle down theory for health. Sharing is so important.

Like road tripping, you might find yourself at the annoying question and interruption part. Maybe you feel like you are never going to get to where you want to be. I want to encourage you to stay your course because when you arrive it is so worth it! You will be like a kid on vacation, full of excitement, joy, and energy. I like living as if I am on vacation. It is so much fun being right now raw.


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