Pursuit of Health Part II

right now rawExperience can be a wonderful teacher if we allow her to teach us.

I found a diet that for five years helped my body repair the damages that I had put it through for decades. This book was amazing! The author had cured himself from Crohn’s disease and he had success with organic fruits, vegetables, and supplements.

I am thankful for what I learned from this book. The importance of eating organic produce helped me. With this diet I supplemented my meals with probiotics, digestive enzymes, clay shakes, and vitamins. I felt great! I helped start a support group where a lot of our friends would meet up and have a potluck with delicious organic dishes. We encouraged one another, these were good times, until the group dissolved, the friends dissipated, and it just dwindled down to me!

cropped-img_4343.jpg I continued on with my healthy ways because I was afraid to stop taking my supplements for fear of my IBS returning. Not having a support group can be difficult, but not having money can really bring things to a halt, as it did for me. Living in Southern California, my husband’s job is in construction, this took our family to a place of reduced circumstances. I felt guilty spending money on  supplements when my husband was working hard to provide for us. So, I stopped all of them. The hardest one to let go of was my digestive enzymes, which I took before I ate ANYTHING!

That little miracle bottle which cost fifty dollars was hard to say good-bye to because in my mind it was responsible for my cure. Yet, when I stopped taking them I was fine! I had no symptoms. The most important thing I learned was when I nourish my body properly I don’t need all the extra stuff!

I can relate to the Psalmist who penned, “It was good for me to be afflicted, so that I could gain a heart of understanding.” It has taken me awhile to get to where I am, but I am glad for the voyage because I am learning along the way!


 I did slip into old habits, as you can see by this photo taken in 2010. We moved to the city and live one minute away from my favorite fast food restaurant which I frequently visited. Fast food tastes good, is inexpensive, but it does not make me feel or look good! I quickly reached 140 pounds.

right now rawNow I am at 124 pounds. I have learned what real fast food is, FRESH FRUIT, and I feel better than I did in my twenties. This is why I am right now raw.


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